Prof. Aakash Singh Rathore
Designation- Fellow
Duration of Fellowship Apr 2019 to March 2021
Research Project
About:Aakash Singh Rathore is a philosopher of international repute, author of seven books, regular contributor to The Indian Express and Outlook magazine with bylines in The Times of IndiaFirstpost and Huffington Post. He is also India’s number 3 Ironman triathlete, and has finished five gruelling Ironman Triathlons, known as the world’s most difficult one-day sporting event. He has taught at Jawaharlal Nehru University and the University of Delhi, as well as at Rutgers, University of Pennsylvania, University of Toronto, Humboldt University Berlin, and LUISS University Rome. He is International Fellow of the Centre for Ethics and Global Politics, Rome, and Fellow at the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla.

He is the Series Editor of The India of Our Dreams (14 volumes, Penguin, forthcoming 2019-20) and editor of its first volume, Ideas of India (with Ashis Nandy). His 18 other authored and edited books range from political philosophy, law, and religion to literature, sports, and wine. He is the Series Editor of ‘Ethics, Human Rights and Global Political Thought’ (Routledge) and ‘Religion and Democracy: Reconceptualizing Religion, Culture, and Politics in Global Context’ (Oxford University Press). Among his forthcoming solo works is a radical study on Mind and Muscle. He is also Chief Editor, B. R. Ambedkar: The Quest for Justice (five volumes, OUP, forthcoming 2020), and the author of B. R. Ambedkar: A Definitive Biography (Macmillan, forthcoming).

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