Papers and Book Reviews are invited for Summer hill, the bi-annual journal of the IIAS, Shimla, published in June and December every year. Authors are requested to follow the guidelines given below failing which their submission may not be considered for publication:

1. For the June issue, the papers are to be submitted between 1st April and 15th May each year, and for the December issue, between 1st October and 15th November.

2. Papers and Book Reviews are to be submitted in Word Document only.

3. The world limit for papers is 6000 words and for Book Reviews, 1000 words.

4. For Book Reviews, the responsibility for procuring a Review Copy shall lie with the author. However, the editorial Board reserves the right to commission suitable individuals for reviewing books that the IIAS may have received as review copies.

5. Papers should be typed in Times New Roman, font size 12 with 1.15 spacing. The prescribed font size and spacing will apply to Book Reviews too.

6. Authors should use footnotes only, combining citations and explanatory notes.

7. Including a Bibliography is optional.

8. The author’s name should appear at the top, just below the title of the paper. His/Her institutional affiliation, if any, should be mentioned as the first footnote.

9. Papers should avoid including graphs, tables and illustrations. They must be based on original research in the areas of humanities and social sciences.

10. First come first serve rule applies.

The papers are to be submitted to the editors in following e-mail addresses; Professor Amiya P. Sen: .