Fellows Designate

Name Fellow Designated

Research Project

Dr. Sanghamitra Sadhu

Speaking subjects: Life-writing in India from below

Dr. Rekha Chowdhary

Social Diversity and Political Divergence in Jammu and Kashmir: Identifying the Complexity of Conflict Situation and the format for its resolution

Dr. Iman Kumar Mitra

Question Locating Research within the larger discourse

Dr. Dambarudhar Nath

Nirgun Bhakti in Eastern India: Ideology, Protest and Identity-study of the Mayamara Sub-sect of Assam

Dr. Rakhi Ghoshal

(Im)printing caste: Confrontation of knowledge systems, the gender-question, and statist politics of institutionalizing childbirth in India.

Dr. Manisha Choudhary

The History of Thar: Environment, Culture & Society