Previous Academic Events

Title Type of the Seminar Date of the Seminarsort descending
"Spirituality and Religion: the Narrative of Ludwig Wittgenstein, a so-called ‘Jew’” Lecture by Visiting Professor 06-Nov-2018
5th Ravindranath Tagore Memorial Lecture "The Rehabilitation of the Sacred" Ravindranath Tagore Memorial Lecture 14-Nov-2018
Staging Feminisms: Gender, Violence, and Performance in Contemporary India Fellows Weekly Seminar 15-Nov-2018
“Friendship and Prudence: Insights from the Pancatantra” Lecture by Visiting Professor 16-Nov-2018
उत्तर प्रदेश में पिछड़ी जातियों की राजनीति एवं संस्कृति : लोकतंत्र की उत्तर कथा Fellows Weekly Seminar 22-Nov-2018
The Dalit Movement in North India: Theory , Praxis and Challenges National Seminar 26-Nov-2018 to 28-Nov-2018
Natural Resources and Marginal Communities: Social and Cultural Symbiosis of Rivers and Nishadas in pre-colonial India Fellows Weekly Seminar 29-Nov-2018
Winter School on "Gandhi and His Contemporaries: Life and Thought” Winter School 01-Dec-2018 to 15-Dec-2018
IIAS celebrating ‘National Youth Day’ on 12 January 2019. National Youth Day 12-Jan-2019
Indian Territories under Foreign Occupation” Special Lecture 16-Jan-2019
Popular Imaginaries and Discourses on Politics in India: Exploring Cultural Narratives as Alternative Sites of Knowledge Construction” Seminar 08-Feb-2019 to 09-Feb-2019
“Mental Health and Literature: Towards a Poetics of Medical Humanities” Lecture by Visiting Scholar 25-Mar-2019
"Diverse Voices & Alternative Traditions: Rajasthani Tales as Artifacts” Lecture by Visiting Scholar 26-Mar-2019
Chapter 2: Living a Life in Language: Poetry and Fiction as Social Document & Chapter 3: The Object in the Text: The Scriptural Afterlife of Meiteilon Fellows Weekly Seminar 28-Mar-2019
"Partition and its Aftermath” Lecture by Visiting Professor 03-Apr-2019
Physical Space and the Culture of Elaboration in Kutiyattam Fellows Weekly Seminar 04-Apr-2019
Relevance of Indian theories of Art/Literature Today with Special Reference to Rasa, Dhvani, Auchitya and Bhartrihari’s Vakyapadiya Study Week 05-Apr-2019 to 11-Apr-2019
Time theory in Indian Raga System” Lecture by Visiting Scholar 08-Apr-2019
Feminization of a Medical Field: Developments in Twentieth Century Ayurveda Lecture by Visiting Professor 16-Apr-2019
Siwalik Erosion and Gujjar Community of Himachal Pradesh: A study in the light of the Colonial Policies Fellows Weekly Seminar 18-Apr-2019