Previous Academic Events

Title Type of the Seminar Date of the Seminarsort descending
Gyan aur anubhav ki dunia se nikalta dalit smajshastra Fellows Weekly Seminar 18-Jul-2019
The Aryan Myth in the Arsenal of the British Raj Lecture by Guest Fellow 19-Jul-2019
समाज, संस्कृति एवं जीविका की निर्मिति : उत्तर भारत में नदियों और निषादों का सहजीवन प्रस्तावित तिथि National Seminar 22-Jul-2019 to 24-Jul-2019
India’s “Vedic Night” Lecture by Guest Fellow 30-Jul-2019
Poverty: Concept, Mappings and Policies Fellows Weekly Seminar 01-Aug-2019
'Panel Discussion' on “Media and the Nation: The Changing Landscape” Seminar 02-Aug-2019
The Forest, Tribal Life and Intricate Legal Structure: From Subjecthood to Quest for Justice and Citizenship Rights Lecture by Visiting Scholar 05-Aug-2019
Women in Critical Editions and Out of them: Some Reflections on Situating Tamil Women in Epics and Oral Traditions Fellows Weekly Seminar 08-Aug-2019
How to Improve Research and Publication Standards in India: A UGC Perspective Seminar 14-Aug-2019
Eco-spirituality, Food sovereignty and Climate justice Lecture by Visiting Scholar 16-Aug-2019
“How Gandhi Matters: Assessing the Relevance of Gandhian Solutions for India and the World in the 21st Century National Seminar 22-Aug-2019 to 25-Aug-2019
Political Philosophy of Kautilya: The Arthashastra and after Fellows Weekly Seminar 22-Aug-2019
Interpretation Of Mask Making And Mask Dances In The Context Of Hindu Mythology : An Ethno-Cultural Study Fellows Weekly Seminar 22-Aug-2019
Maharashtra ke ghumntu jan jatiyon ke sambandhit chitra paramparayen aur sanskrutik adhyayan Fellows Weekly Seminar 29-Aug-2019
Seven Variations on Solitude: A Partial Biography of Women in Indian Novels Fellows Weekly Seminar 05-Sep-2019
Folk Theatre of the Central Himalaya: its cultural and performative contexts Fellows Weekly Seminar 12-Sep-2019
Social identity of relations between Hindu organisations and Zeliangrong religions Fellows Weekly Seminar 19-Sep-2019
अरूणाचल प्रदेश में हिन्दी का विकास और उसके साहित्य की रूपरेखा Fellows Weekly Seminar 19-Sep-2019
KALA PANI CROSSINGS: INDIA IN CONVERSATION International Seminar 23-Sep-2019 to 25-Sep-2019