Previous Academic Events

Title Type of the Seminar Date of the Seminarsort descending
Knowing the Social World: Challenges and Responses National Seminar 13-Mar-2013 to 15-Mar-2013
The Autistic Brain Lecture by Visiting Scholar 25-Mar-2013
Why Peace Accords and Peace Processes Falter? Resolving Ethno-Nationalist Conflicts and the Challenges for Democracy and Equality International Seminar 26-Mar-2013 to 27-Mar-2013
Methodology of Theatre Training in India Workshop 25-Apr-2013 to 27-Apr-2013
First Tagore Memorial Lecture Tagore Memorial Lecture 24-May-2013
Colloquium on Capital Punishment: State and Society International Seminar 27-May-2013
Ordinary Lives in a Conflict Zone: Voices from Kashmir National Seminar 03-Jun-2013 to 05-Jun-2013
The Social Dynamics of the Urban. Shimla Retreat – III International Seminar 10-Jun-2013 to 11-Jun-2013
दलित कविता: अस्मिता और प्रतिरोध की संस्कृति National Seminar 23-Jul-2013 to 24-Jul-2013
Waves in the Silent Pool National Seminar 12-Aug-2013 to 14-Aug-2013
5th Winter School LIFE AND THOUGHT OF GANDHI Winter School 20-Nov-2013 to 04-Dec-2013
Locating Gender in the New Middle Class in India International Seminar 11-Mar-2014 to 13-Mar-2014
Recent Perspectives of Himalayan Buddhism National Seminar 27-May-2014 to 28-May-2014
100 YEARS AFTER THE SIMLA CONFERENCE- 1913-14 International Seminar 07-Jun-2014
Right to Land and its Potential for Social Transformation National Seminar 11-Jun-2014 to 13-Jun-2014
School on the NATYASHASTRA Autumn School 26-Aug-2014 to 07-Sep-2014
Sexuality and Society in India Seminar 16-Sep-2014 to 17-Sep-2014
Re-Imagining the Nation Interrogating the Resurgence of Swaraj in 21st Century Hindi Cinema Fellows Weekly Seminar 09-Oct-2014
The Power of Communication: The Media, Public Space and Participatory Democracy Seminar 13-Oct-2014 to 14-Oct-2014
Situating Popular Veneration in Punjab by Dr. Yogesh Snehi Fellows Weekly Seminar 16-Oct-2014