Previous Academic Events

Title Type of the Seminarsort descending Date of the Seminar
Towards a Theoretical Framework of Adivasi Music Fellows Weekly Seminar 28-Jul-2016
The Yoga of the Netra Tantra The ‘Third Eye’ and ‘Overcoming Death’ Fellows Weekly Seminar 07-Apr-2016
बनारस- संगीत परम्परा एवं बनारसी ठुमरी Fellows Weekly Seminar 30-Jun-2016
German Indological Scholarship and Modern Interpretations of Vedanta in the 19th and 20th Centuries Fellows Weekly Seminar 16-Nov-2015
Affective History of the Gene Fellows Weekly Seminar 15-Oct-2015
Art and Theory of ‘Adivasi Music’: With special reference to Rathwa Bhil Community Fellows Weekly Seminar 14-Dec-2017
Modern World of Traditional Knowledge Fellows Weekly Seminar 10-May-2016
Making of Hindu Identity in Colonial Punjab: Processes and Perspectives Fellows Weekly Seminar 30-Apr-2015
Towards Guaranteeing Land Titling (Secure Land Rights) in India: A Study Fellows Weekly Seminar 22-Sep-2016
Re-Imagining the Nation Interrogating the Resurgence of Swaraj in 21st Century Hindi Cinema Fellows Weekly Seminar 09-Oct-2014
Development and Disproportionality: Revisiting the Choice of Technology Question Fellows Weekly Seminar 26-Mar-2015
Shaping a Literary Space Fellows Weekly Seminar 26-Aug-2016
Beyond the Faustian Bargain: Development as Material Ethics Fellows Weekly Seminar 05-May-2016
Locating Gender in the New Middle Class in India International Seminar 11-Mar-2014 to 13-Mar-2014
Colloquium on Capital Punishment: State and Society International Seminar 27-May-2013
Science and Spirituality: Bridges of Understanding International Seminar 21-Nov-2016 to 23-Nov-2016
God, No-God, and the Argumentative Indian International Seminar 21-Jul-2015 to 22-Jul-2015
Why Peace Accords and Peace Processes Falter? Resolving Ethno-Nationalist Conflicts and the Challenges for Democracy and Equality International Seminar 26-Mar-2013 to 27-Mar-2013
Regional Cultures and New Media Technologies International Seminar 26-Apr-2017 to 28-Apr-2017
POETRY AS COUNTER-CULTURE: AN UNBROKEN INDIAN TRADITION International Seminar 16-May-2016 to 18-May-2016