Previous Academic Events

Title Type of the Seminarsort descending Date of the Seminar
The Limits of Money: Phenomenological Reflections on Selfhood and Value Lecture by Visiting Scholar 28-Apr-2015
Indian Diaspora in Australasia: 1879-2014 Lecture by Visiting Scholar 13-Aug-2015
Memory, Doubt and the Self Lecture by Visiting Scholar 20-May-2016
Thought Through Motility Lecture by Visiting Scholar 17-Mar-2017
Political and Social Aspects of Theatre during 19th Century Colonial Rule Lecture by Visiting Scholar 15-Nov-2016
Doing Philosophy Through Literature Lecture by Visiting Scholar 03-Jul-2015
Practices, Policies, Institutions: Presenting and Representing Indian Cultures Symposium 15-Jun-2015 to 16-Jun-2015
Thinking Social Sciences Symposium 11-Jul-2016 to 12-Jul-2016
KIPLING IN INDIA: INDIA IN KIPLING International Conference 26-Apr-2016 to 28-Apr-2016
India’s perspectives on Arms Control and Disarmament: Seeking Security through Cooperation International Conference 18-May-2015 to 20-May-2015
Tagore and Nationalism International Conference 05-Nov-2015 to 07-Nov-2015
Intimacy and Belonging in Contemporary India International Conference 04-Apr-2016 to 06-Apr-2016
The Making of Gandhi: The South African Experiment International Conference 14-Mar-2016 to 15-Mar-2016
Indian Media Studies: Contemporary Perspectives International Conference 25-Jul-2017 to 26-Jul-2017
Religion and Social Diversity in South Asia International Conference 12-Oct-2015 to 14-Oct-2015
Purifying the Dialect of the Tribe: Cross-Cultural Concerns in Colonial and Postcolonial India International Conference 17-May-2017 to 19-May-2017
The Many Forms of Soft Power: India and the World International Conference 14-Sep-2015 to 16-Sep-2015
Contested Sites: The Construction of Childhood International Conference 26-Nov-2015 to 28-Nov-2015
Migrations and Citizenship(s) International Conference 30-May-2016 to 01-Jun-2016
Milton, Macaulay and the “Learned Natives:” Radhanath’s Mahayatra Interrupted Lectures 25-Jul-2016