Previous Academic Events

Title Type of the Seminarsort descending Date of the Seminar
Bhāsa In Performance School 29-Aug-2016 to 11-Sep-2016
Anthropological Histories and Tribal Worlds in India National Seminar 27-Mar-2017 to 29-Mar-2017
Recent Perspectives of Himalayan Buddhism National Seminar 27-May-2014 to 28-May-2014
“Saptarishis” of Modern India: Tradition, Change, and Svaraj National Seminar 04-Jan-2015 to 06-Jan-2015
Need for Inclusive Reforms National Seminar 21-Aug-2017 to 23-Aug-2017
Indian Music and Dance: The Absence of Critical Attention and Analysis National Seminar 04-Sep-2017 to 06-Sep-2017
Indian Literature and Social Development: Theory, Practice and Community Impact National Seminar 05-Apr-2017 to 07-Apr-2017
Waves in the Silent Pool National Seminar 12-Aug-2013 to 14-Aug-2013
Revitalising the Rural: Rethinking Rural and Agricultural Policies National Seminar 27-Sep-2016 to 29-Sep-2016
Urban Spaces in Modern India National Seminar 09-Jun-2015 to 10-Jun-2015
Cultural Ecology of the Brahmaputra National Seminar 08-Mar-2015 to 09-Mar-2015
दलित कविता: अस्मिता और प्रतिरोध की संस्कृति National Seminar 23-Jul-2013 to 24-Jul-2013
Transforming Pedagogy in India National Seminar 07-Apr-2015 to 08-Apr-2015
Is There An Adequate Theory Of Justice? National Seminar 20-Mar-2015 to 21-Mar-2015
Framing India through Perspectives from Elsewhere National Seminar 27-Jul-2015 to 29-Jul-2015
POLICING A DIVERSE INDIA National Seminar 18-Apr-2016 to 19-Apr-2016
The Idea of India in the 21st Century: Cinematic Perspectives National Seminar 26-May-2015 to 27-May-2015
Intellectual Traditions of the Northeast: Its Influences and Impact National Seminar 20-Feb-2016 to 21-Feb-2016
Ordinary Lives in a Conflict Zone: Voices from Kashmir National Seminar 03-Jun-2013 to 05-Jun-2013
Comparative Aesthetics in a Contemporary Frame National Seminar 17-Nov-2015 to 18-Nov-2015