Previous Academic Events

Title Type of the Seminar Date of the Seminar
Global History of Mountain Regions: Pastoralism and Urbanisation Lecture by Visiting Professor 17-Jun-2015
Practices, Policies, Institutions: Presenting and Representing Indian Cultures Symposium 15-Jun-2015 to 16-Jun-2015
Urban Spaces in Modern India National Seminar 09-Jun-2015 to 10-Jun-2015
Global History of Mountain Regions: Economic and Cultural Diversity Lecture by Visiting Professor 04-Jun-2015
The Idea of India in the 21st Century: Cinematic Perspectives National Seminar 26-May-2015 to 27-May-2015
Tagore’s Daughters: Ambivalence and Paradox in Family Life Lecture by Visiting Professor 22-May-2015
India’s perspectives on Arms Control and Disarmament: Seeking Security through Cooperation International Conference 18-May-2015 to 20-May-2015
Otherness of the Historical: Hermeneutic History in Truth and Method Fellows Weekly Seminar 14-May-2015
Colonized: The Bengali Woman Writer in British India Lecture by Visiting Professor 13-May-2015
Colonized: Nation, Familial Spaces and Gender in Tagore’s Texts Lecture by Visiting Professor 07-May-2015
Making of Hindu Identity in Colonial Punjab: Processes and Perspectives Fellows Weekly Seminar 30-Apr-2015
The Limits of Money: Phenomenological Reflections on Selfhood and Value Lecture by Visiting Scholar 28-Apr-2015
THE BURDEN OF HISTORY Partition Politics and Assam: Some Unresolved Issues Fellows Weekly Seminar 24-Apr-2015
Minor Matters: Child-subject in post-47 India Fellows Weekly Seminar 23-Apr-2015
Reason and Autonomy: Discordant Harmony Fellows Weekly Seminar 16-Apr-2015
The World of Indian Indentured Migrants: Experience and Representation Fellows Weekly Seminar 09-Apr-2015
Transforming Pedagogy in India National Seminar 07-Apr-2015 to 08-Apr-2015
Comparative Indian Literature Fellows Weekly Seminar 31-Mar-2015
Development and Disproportionality: Revisiting the Choice of Technology Question Fellows Weekly Seminar 26-Mar-2015
Is There An Adequate Theory Of Justice? National Seminar 20-Mar-2015 to 21-Mar-2015