Previous Academic Events

Title Type of the Seminar Date of the Seminarsort descending
7th Winter School on LIFE AND THOUGHT OF GANDHI Winter School 07-Dec-2015 to 17-Dec-2015
A Working Woman by Justice Leila Seth Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Memorial Lecture 18-Dec-2015
Intellectual Traditions of the Northeast: Its Influences and Impact National Seminar 20-Feb-2016 to 21-Feb-2016
The Making of Gandhi: The South African Experiment International Conference 14-Mar-2016 to 15-Mar-2016
Structural Anomalies in India’s Growth Experience, and the Underdevelopment of Development Theory Fellows Weekly Seminar 23-Mar-2016
Women and AFSPA: The Meira Paibee Movement and Irom Sharmila's Fasting Fellows Weekly Seminar 31-Mar-2016
Intimacy and Belonging in Contemporary India International Conference 04-Apr-2016 to 06-Apr-2016
The Yoga of the Netra Tantra The ‘Third Eye’ and ‘Overcoming Death’ Fellows Weekly Seminar 07-Apr-2016
Rural India - a living journal, a Breathing Archive Lecture by Visiting Scholar 08-Apr-2016
Towards Guaranteeing Land Titling (secure property rights) in India: A Study Fellows Weekly Seminar 13-Apr-2016
POLICING A DIVERSE INDIA National Seminar 18-Apr-2016 to 19-Apr-2016
Travel Poetry and its Poetics Fellows Weekly Seminar 21-Apr-2016
KIPLING IN INDIA: INDIA IN KIPLING International Conference 26-Apr-2016 to 28-Apr-2016
Beyond the Faustian Bargain: Development as Material Ethics Fellows Weekly Seminar 05-May-2016
W.B.Yeats a Dialectic of Desire and Nation: The Body of a Woman and the Lie of the Land Lecture by Visiting Professor 06-May-2016
With and Beyond Epistemologies from the South Lecture by Visiting Scholar 09-May-2016
Modern World of Traditional Knowledge Fellows Weekly Seminar 10-May-2016
Pakistan-India Relations: The Current Situation Special Lecture 11-May-2016
Girish Karnad : Beginnings, Ends and New Beginnings Lecture by Visiting Professor 12-May-2016
POETRY AS COUNTER-CULTURE: AN UNBROKEN INDIAN TRADITION International Seminar 16-May-2016 to 18-May-2016