Previous Academic Events

Title Type of the Seminar Date of the Seminar
Meaning in Languages Fellows Weekly Seminar 24-Nov-2016
Science and Spirituality: Bridges of Understanding International Seminar 21-Nov-2016 to 23-Nov-2016
Against Pride and Prejudice Fellows Weekly Seminar 17-Nov-2016
Political and Social Aspects of Theatre during 19th Century Colonial Rule Lecture by Visiting Scholar 15-Nov-2016
Migrant Muse: The Third Space in Assamese Literature Fellows Weekly Seminar 10-Nov-2016
India: Between Democratic Nation-building and Dominant Castes’ Democracy Fellows Weekly Seminar 03-Nov-2016
Writing Trans-temporality into History Fellows Weekly Seminar 27-Oct-2016
Religion, Migration and Modernity Fellows Weekly Seminar 27-Oct-2016
The Syrian Refugee Crisis in Germany: Erotic Conflict and Foreigner Integration Lecture by Guest Fellow 24-Oct-2016
The Feminist Turn in Documentary Cinema: An Audio Visual Presentation Lecture by Visiting Scholar 18-Oct-2016
Language & Learning Workshop 06-Oct-2016 to 08-Oct-2016
Revitalising the Rural: Rethinking Rural and Agricultural Policies National Seminar 27-Sep-2016 to 29-Sep-2016
Re-Defining the Indian Nation: The Northeast Experience-III Lecture by Visiting Professor 26-Sep-2016
Towards Guaranteeing Land Titling (Secure Land Rights) in India: A Study Fellows Weekly Seminar 22-Sep-2016
Re-Defining the Indian Nation: The Northeast Experience-II Lecture by Visiting Professor 20-Sep-2016
The Hall of Nations as a Metaphor for our sense of History Lecture by Visiting Scholar 14-Sep-2016
Comprehending Architecture and Conservation through Shimla Fellows Weekly Seminar 30-Aug-2016
Bhāsa In Performance School 29-Aug-2016 to 11-Sep-2016
Shaping a Literary Space Fellows Weekly Seminar 26-Aug-2016
Releasing Theology from Epistemological Barriers: A Postmodern Narrative Lecture by Visiting Scholar 19-Aug-2016