Previous Academic Events

Title Type of the Seminar Date of the Seminar
“Information, Protection and Rights for Telecom Consumers in Digital Era Seminar 18-Jun-2019
Best Minds of India Series Seminar 17-Jun-2019
Bhartiya manas ka vi-opniveshikaran: pramanik sanskritatma ke pratyabhigyan ki karyayojana Lecture by Visiting Professor 14-Jun-2019
Ganita vs formal mathematics: re-examining mathematics, its pedagogy, and the implications for science Fellows Weekly Seminar 13-Jun-2019
Doctrine of Light and Images of Winged Spiritual Beings in Islamic Art Fellows Weekly Seminar 13-Jun-2019
भारतीय मानस का वि -औपनिवेशकरण: प्रामाणिक संस्कृतात्मा के प्रत्यभिज्ञान की कार्ययोजना Lecture by Visiting Professor 10-Jun-2019
Feminism and Folk Epic: Draupadi, Dharma, Performance, and Protest in Teejan Bai’s Pandavani Fellows Weekly Seminar 06-Jun-2019
Political Economy of Terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir National Seminar 03-Jun-2019 to 04-Jun-2019
Political Economy of Terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir Fellows Weekly Seminar 03-Jun-2019 to 04-Jun-2019
Queen Gāndhārī’s Mapping the Battlefield through the “Divine Eye:” Shifting the Gaze from Masculine Virility to Feminine Vulnerability Lecture by Visiting Scholar 31-May-2019
Jatra Performance Tradition: Origin and Evolution in Precolonial and Colonial Bengal. Fellows Weekly Seminar 30-May-2019
Mahatma Gandhi and Islam: A relationship defined by Affinity, Fascination, Crisis and Rupture Lecture by Visiting Scholar 27-May-2019
Knowledge and Subjects: Situating Ayurveda through Life Narratives of Practitioners Fellows Weekly Seminar 23-May-2019
'National seminar on ‘Gandhian way of nation-building’ National Seminar 20-May-2019 to 22-May-2019
"The evolution of our Universe from Big Bang” (an introduction to the First Source of light in the Universe) Lecture by Visiting Scholar 17-May-2019
Re-enchanting Modernity: A Study of Vivekananda’s American Engagement Fellows Weekly Seminar 16-May-2019
Colonization of ‘Law’ in Northeast India: Tradition, Custom, and The Empire Lecture by Visiting Scholar 14-May-2019
Caste and Micro-Politics of Electoral Democracy Fellows Weekly Seminar 09-May-2019
Globalization of a Regional Medicine: Developments in Ayurveda in Kerala Lecture by Visiting Professor 03-May-2019