Previous Academic Events

Title Type of the Seminar Date of the Seminar
22nd Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Memorial Lecture on Weaving India's MAHAKATHA (Grand Narrative) for the 21st Century By Sh.Rajiv Malhotra Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Memorial Lecture 20-Mar-2018
Nirgun Bhakti in Eastern India: Ideology, Protest and Identity-Study of the Mayamara Sub-Sect of Assam Fellows Weekly Seminar 08-Mar-2018
Art and Theory of ‘Adivasi Music’: With special reference to Rathwa Bhil Community Fellows Weekly Seminar 14-Dec-2017
Speaking Subjects: Life-writing in India from Below Fellows Weekly Seminar 12-Dec-2017
History of Food in Northeast India: Mizoram since Pre-colonial Times Fellows Weekly Seminar 07-Dec-2017
The Encounter of the Indian Novel with Modernity and Nationalism as Reflected through its Women Characters/The Gender Politics of the Indian Novel Fellows Weekly Seminar 30-Nov-2017
Effects of Globalization: an Empirical Study of Advertising Lecture by Guest Fellow 23-Nov-2017
The Scourge of Scavenging: Revisiting the Question of Sanitation/Scavenging/Scavengers National Seminar 08-Nov-2017 to 10-Nov-2017
Dalit Asmitavadi Etihas Lekhan: Vaklpik Adhinsath Smajshastr ki Talash me Fellows Weekly Seminar 02-Nov-2017
Comparative Explorations of Human Ecologies in the Making Fellows Weekly Seminar 02-Nov-2017
Paradigm Shift in Indian Linguistics and its Implications for Applied Disciplines International Seminar 30-Oct-2017 to 01-Nov-2017
Land Questions in Neoliberal India National Seminar 09-Oct-2017 to 11-Oct-2017
Knowledge and Subjects: Cultural History of Ayurveda through Life Narratives of Practitioners Fellows Weekly Seminar 28-Sep-2017
Two days Workshop on Institutional Digital Repository (IDR) for National Digital Library Workshop 21-Sep-2017 to 22-Sep-2017
Indian Music and Dance: The Absence of Critical Attention and Analysis National Seminar 04-Sep-2017 to 06-Sep-2017
Need for Inclusive Reforms National Seminar 21-Aug-2017 to 23-Aug-2017
Indian Media Studies: Contemporary Perspectives International Conference 25-Jul-2017 to 26-Jul-2017
From Land Reform to Land Titling Fellows Weekly Seminar 20-Jul-2017
“Neo-Hinduism" and Ethics: Unpacking the Politics of Paul Hacker (1913-1979) Fellows Weekly Seminar 14-Jun-2017
Banabala and “Rebati" Fellows Weekly Seminar 04-Jun-2017