Previous Academic Events

Title Type of the Seminar Date of the Seminar
Religion, Literature and the Other: Interruptions, Interventions and Inventions Fellows Weekly Seminar 16-Aug-2018
The Poet as Witness: Encountering Ethnography through Poetry Fellows Weekly Seminar 02-Aug-2018
Poetry and Ethnography: Tracing Family Resemblances Fellows Weekly Seminar 02-Aug-2018
From Mind to Supermind: Foundations of Metaphysics of Consciousness Fellows Weekly Seminar 26-Jul-2018
Natural Resources and Marginal Communities: Social and Cultural Symbiosis of Rivers and Nishadas in Pre-Colonial India Fellows Weekly Seminar 19-Jul-2018
Decanonizing Bharthrhari Fellows Weekly Seminar 05-Jul-2018
Migrant Muse: The Third Space in Assamese Literature (The Idea of the ‘Third Space) Fellows Weekly Seminar 28-Jun-2018
Russian’s interest in the life and mission of Swami Vivekanand Lecture by Visiting Professor 22-Jun-2018
India: Between Democratic Nation-building and Dominant Castes Democracy Fellows Weekly Seminar 21-Jun-2018
Hijacking of Vivekanand’s Views Lecture by Visiting Professor 15-Jun-2018
Sociology in India: Its Disciplinary History Fellows Weekly Seminar 14-Jun-2018
The Life of Body, Gender and Caste: Boundaries of Knowing Lecture by Visiting Scholar 06-Jun-2018
Veer Savarkar-Worthy Successor of Swami Vivekanand Lecture by Visiting Professor 05-Jun-2018
“Inter-faith Dialogue and the Discourse of Guru Granth Sahib” Lecture by Visiting Professor 18-May-2018
Whither the city? Fellows Weekly Seminar 17-May-2018
Exigency in the Field of Speech-Language Pathology in India International Seminar 07-May-2018 to 09-May-2018
Methodological Musings and Methods of Validation Fellows Weekly Seminar 26-Apr-2018
Social Diversity and Political Divergence in Jammu and Kashmir: Identifying the Complexity of Conflict Situation and the Format for its resolution Fellows Weekly Seminar 12-Apr-2018
The History of Thar: Environment, Culture & Society Fellows Weekly Seminar 12-Apr-2018
A Translation of ITU 36,000Pati Commentary of TIRUVAYMOLI by VATTAKUTTIRUVITIPPILLAI Fellows Weekly Seminar 05-Apr-2018