MD Aadil Salam

  MD. Aadil Salam Designation- Fellow Email- aadilsalam.iias@gmail.com EPBAX- Duration of Fellowship Nov 2019 to Nov 2021 Research Project India in Contemporary Arabic Literature. About:Dr. Md. Aadil Salam is fellow at IIAS, Shimla. He has completed his Ph.D in Modern Arabic literature from The English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU), Hyderabad. He has presented papers …

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Prof. Madhav Singh Hada

  Prof. Madhav Singh Hada Designation- Fellow Email- madhavhada@gmail.com EPBAX- Duration of Fellowship Nov 2019 to Nov 2021 Research Project पद्मिनी विषयक ऐतिहासिक कथा-काव्य की देशज परंपरा का विवेचनात्मक अध्ययन About:  Professor Madhav Hada is a literary critic and academician. He has written extensively on literature, media, culture, and history. His much-acclaimed work is Pachrang …

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Dr. Maheswar Hazarika

  Prof. Maheswar Hazarika Designation- Fellow Email- drmaheswarhazarika@gmail.com EPBAX- Duration of Fellowship Feb  2020 to Feb 2021 Research Project To translate the Vyakarana Mahabhashya of Patanjali into Assamese with Notes and Explanations. About:   Professor Maheswar Hazarika, : M.A. (Sanskrit), Ph.D. (G.U.) Father : Late Kehoram Keot (Hazarika) Mother : Late Chandika Keot (Hazarika) Date of …

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Prof. Vijaya Ramaswamy

  Prof. Vijaya Ramaswamy Designation- Tagore Fellow Email- vijukrishnan@gmail.com EPBAX- Duration of Fellowship May 2019 to May 2021 Research Project Into Critical Editions and Out of them: Women in Tamil Mahabharatas About: Vijaya Ramaswamy was professor of History in Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, till 2018. She won the British Council Award in 1981 and in …

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Prof. Rajvir sharma

  Prof. Rajvir Sharma Designation- Fellow Email-  EPBAX- Duration of Fellowship May 2019 to Apr 2021 Research Project About:

Dr. Kamei Samson

  Dr. Kamei Samson Designation- Fellow Email- samson.kamei@gmail.com EPBAX- Duration of Fellowship July 2019 to July 2020 Research Project Social identity of relations between Hindu organisations and Zeliangrong religions. About: Dr. Kamei Samson completed his MSW and Ph.D. (Social Work) from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. After his Ph.D. He worked as a Researcher …

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Dr. Anjali Duhan

  Dr. Anjali Duhan Designation- Fellow Email- anjaliduhan@gmail.com EPBAX- Duration of Fellowship Aug 2019 to Jul 2021 Research Project Research on project entitled “Edifying the Royalty; Dvadasa Bhava – A Mughal Version of a Sanskrit Story. About: Dr. Anjali Duhan is an art historian and as a fellow at the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, …

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Dr. Rekha Chowdhary

  Dr. Rekha Chowdhary Designation- Fellow Email- rekchowdhary@gmail.com EPBAX- Duration of Fellowship Dec 2018 to Nov 2020 Research Project Social Diversity and Political Divergence in Jammu and Kashmir: Identifying the Complexity of Conflict Situation and the format for its resolution About:Retired in 2013 as Professor of Political Science, University of Jammu. Working on various issues …

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