Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences

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About the Journal

Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS) is a bi-annual, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal published by the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla, with its first issue rolling out in 1994. The Journal was conceived along with the inception of the Inter-University Center to fill in for the much needed platform that promoted theoretical thinking and conceptual clarifications. The Journal engages, on a conceptual plane, with issues relating to our understanding of man, civilization, culture, and society. It takes this concern as both its regulative, as well as constitutive, maxim.

Though SHSS began as a thematic journal, with its issues devoted to a specific preannounced theme, given its high rate of paper submissions, it now devotes its “Winter Issue” to a specific theme while its “Summer Issue” cover a variety of themes and subjects within a single issue. The “call for papers” is regularly advertised in the journal’s homepage informing interested contributors about the themes. SHSS has rolled out issues that engage with themes like, Images of Communities in Modern Indian Literature (Vol. I, 1994), Discourse and Truth (Vol. II: No. 2, 1995), Epistemology, Meaning and Metaphysics after Matilal (Vol. III: No. 2, 1996), The Idea of the Political (Vol. IV: No. 2, 1997), Images and Self Images: Indian Women in History, Myth and Fiction (Vol. V: No. 2, 1998), Education and Values (Vol. VII: No. 2, 2000), The Nation Unbound (Vol. XX: No. 2, 2013).