Former Fellows

Fellows are selected on the basis of the research project submitted by them. The Fellowship is awarded by the Governing Body on the recommendation of the Fellowship Award Committee (FAC) which comprises experts from various disciplines. There is a two-tier selection process in place—all applications are placed before a Screening Committee which shortlists scholars for presentation before the FAC where the scholars are asked to elaborate on their research project. Scholars of eminence may be exempted from personal appearance before the FAC. There is, however, a multiplicity of approaches in the selection of Fellows, and
this is not necessarily confined to those who respond to advertisements. It is open to the Institute to consider the names of eminent scholars suggested by the Director, Members of the Governing Body and the Society. Talent is also identified through efforts on a regional and sub-regional basis. The period of Fellowship ranges from a minimum of three months to a maximum of two years.

Title Category E-Mail Photo
Sh. Ashutosh Bhardwaj Fellow
Dr. Ajay Kumar Fellow,
Dr. Girija Kizhakke Pattathil Fellow
Dr. Ashwin Parijat Fellow
Dr. J. Rangaswami Fellow
Dr. Soibam Haripriya Fellow
Dr. Charisma K. Lepcha Fellow
Sanghamitra Sadhu Fellow
Madhavan Punnapurath Fellow
K M Baharul Islam Fellow
Anand Kumar Fellow
Leon Morenas Fellow
Triloki Singh Fellow
Aditya Pratap Deo Fellow
Dr. Bindu Sahni Fellow
Dr. Ashwin Parijat Fellow
R. Lalitha Raja Fellow
Dr.Bindu Sahni Fellow
Sumanyu Satpathy Fellow
Prachi Dublay Fellow
Jagdish Lal Dawar Fellow
Ratnakar Tripathy Fellow
Vijaya Shankar Varma National Fellow
Pradeep Kumar Nayak Fellow
Gowhar Yaqoob Fellow
Amba Kulkarni Fellow
Nirmal Sengupta National Fellow
Arpita Mitra Fellow
Jyoti Sinha Fellow
B. Ravichandran Fellow