Previous Academic Events

शीर्षक Type of the Seminar Date of the Seminar
Two days Workshop on Institutional Digital Repository (IDR) for National Digital Library Workshop 21-सितंबर-2017 to 22-सितंबर-2017
Indian Music and Dance: The Absence of Critical Attention and Analysis National Seminar 04-सितंबर-2017 to 06-सितंबर-2017
Need for Inclusive Reforms National Seminar 21-अगस्त-2017 to 23-अगस्त-2017
Indian Media Studies: Contemporary Perspectives International Conference 25-जुलाई-2017 to 26-जुलाई-2017
From Land Reform to Land Titling Fellows Weekly Seminar 20-जुलाई-2017
“Neo-Hinduism" and Ethics: Unpacking the Politics of Paul Hacker (1913-1979) Fellows Weekly Seminar 14-जून-2017
Banabala and “Rebati" Fellows Weekly Seminar 04-जून-2017
Writing Trans-temporality into History Fellows Weekly Seminar 01-जून-2017
Gandhi and the Champaran Satyagraha National Seminar 29-मई-2017 to 31-मई-2017
Eclectic Approach of OTin Phonological Acquisition and Disorders Fellows Weekly Seminar 25-मई-2017
Purifying the Dialect of the Tribe: Cross-Cultural Concerns in Colonial and Postcolonial India International Conference 17-मई-2017 to 19-मई-2017
What is “smart” about a Smart City? Fellows Weekly Seminar 11-मई-2017
Bouncing and Cyclic Models of the Universe Fellows Weekly Seminar 09-मई-2017
Regional Cultures and New Media Technologies International Seminar 26-अप्रैल-2017 to 28-अप्रैल-2017
Satyarthi to Satyagrahi: Interpreting Gandhian Thought Fellows Weekly Seminar 20-अप्रैल-2017
he Yoga of the Netra TantraThe ‘Third Eye’ and ‘Overcoming Death’ Fellows Weekly Seminar 13-अप्रैल-2017
Indian Literature and Social Development: Theory, Practice and Community Impact National Seminar 05-अप्रैल-2017 to 07-अप्रैल-2017
Food as Commodity and its Evolution in Mizoram Fellows Weekly Seminar 30-मार्च-2017
Anthropological Histories and Tribal Worlds in India National Seminar 27-मार्च-2017 to 29-मार्च-2017
Thought Through Motility Lecture by Visiting Scholar 17-मार्च-2017