Previous Academic Events

शीर्षक Type of the Seminar Date of the Seminar
Social Diversity and Political Divergence in Jammu and Kashmir: Identifying the Complexity of Conflict Situation and the Format for its resolution Fellows Weekly Seminar 12-अप्रैल-2018
The History of Thar: Environment, Culture & Society Fellows Weekly Seminar 12-अप्रैल-2018
A Translation of ITU 36,000Pati Commentary of TIRUVAYMOLI by VATTAKUTTIRUVITIPPILLAI Fellows Weekly Seminar 05-अप्रैल-2018
RETRIEVING THE VOICES FROM THE MARGINS: THINKERS/ WRITERS OF MODERN INDIA International Conference 24-मार्च-2018 to 26-मार्च-2018
22nd Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Memorial Lecture on Weaving India's MAHAKATHA (Grand Narrative) for the 21st Century By Sh.Rajiv Malhotra Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Memorial Lecture 20-मार्च-2018
Nirgun Bhakti in Eastern India: Ideology, Protest and Identity-Study of the Mayamara Sub-Sect of Assam Fellows Weekly Seminar 08-मार्च-2018
Art and Theory of ‘Adivasi Music’: With special reference to Rathwa Bhil Community Fellows Weekly Seminar 14-दिसम्बर-2017
Speaking Subjects: Life-writing in India from Below Fellows Weekly Seminar 12-दिसम्बर-2017
History of Food in Northeast India: Mizoram since Pre-colonial Times Fellows Weekly Seminar 07-दिसम्बर-2017
The Encounter of the Indian Novel with Modernity and Nationalism as Reflected through its Women Characters/The Gender Politics of the Indian Novel Fellows Weekly Seminar 30-नवंबर-2017
Effects of Globalization: an Empirical Study of Advertising Lecture by Guest Fellow 23-नवंबर-2017
The Scourge of Scavenging: Revisiting the Question of Sanitation/Scavenging/Scavengers National Seminar 08-नवंबर-2017 to 10-नवंबर-2017
Dalit Asmitavadi Etihas Lekhan: Vaklpik Adhinsath Smajshastr ki Talash me Fellows Weekly Seminar 02-नवंबर-2017
Comparative Explorations of Human Ecologies in the Making Fellows Weekly Seminar 02-नवंबर-2017
Paradigm Shift in Indian Linguistics and its Implications for Applied Disciplines International Seminar 30-अक्टूबर-2017 to 01-नवंबर-2017
Land Questions in Neoliberal India National Seminar 09-अक्टूबर-2017 to 11-अक्टूबर-2017
Knowledge and Subjects: Cultural History of Ayurveda through Life Narratives of Practitioners Fellows Weekly Seminar 28-सितंबर-2017
Two days Workshop on Institutional Digital Repository (IDR) for National Digital Library Workshop 21-सितंबर-2017 to 22-सितंबर-2017
Indian Music and Dance: The Absence of Critical Attention and Analysis National Seminar 04-सितंबर-2017 to 06-सितंबर-2017
Need for Inclusive Reforms National Seminar 21-अगस्त-2017 to 23-अगस्त-2017