Previous Academic Events

शीर्षक Type of the Seminar Date of the Seminar
Thinking Social Sciences Symposium 11-जुलाई-2016 to 12-जुलाई-2016
The Social Responsibility of the Historian: The case of the Annales since 1929 in perspective Lecture by Guest Fellow 05-जुलाई-2016
बनारस- संगीत परम्परा एवं बनारसी ठुमरी Fellows Weekly Seminar 30-जून-2016
The Challenge of Doing Sociology Today Lecture by Guest Fellow 24-जून-2016
Knowing Where You’re Coming From’: The Economy of Early Independent India Revisited Lecture by Visiting Professor 23-जून-2016
Rights and Capabilities: A Reflection on Democracy and Development in India Lecture by Visiting Professor 16-जून-2016
Rethinking Myth in Folk Dramatic Forms National Seminar 14-जून-2016 to 15-जून-2016
Markets, Growth and Social Justice: Twenty Five Years of Economic Reforms Lecture by Visiting Professor 09-जून-2016
Jangarh Singh Shyam: Art Education and Prosperity Fellows Weekly Seminar 02-जून-2016
Migrations and Citizenship(s) International Conference 30-मई-2016 to 01-जून-2016
Reinterpreting Gandhian Thought by Contemporary Civil Society Initiatives Fellows Weekly Seminar 26-मई-2016
Earth 1947 through the Fish-Eye: Imaging the Landscape of Memory Lecture by Visiting Professor 23-मई-2016
Memory, Doubt and the Self Lecture by Visiting Scholar 20-मई-2016
Language, Caste and Territory: Language Spoken by the Scavenging Communities in South India Fellows Weekly Seminar 19-मई-2016
POETRY AS COUNTER-CULTURE: AN UNBROKEN INDIAN TRADITION International Seminar 16-मई-2016 to 18-मई-2016
Girish Karnad : Beginnings, Ends and New Beginnings Lecture by Visiting Professor 12-मई-2016
Pakistan-India Relations: The Current Situation Special Lecture 11-मई-2016
Modern World of Traditional Knowledge Fellows Weekly Seminar 10-मई-2016
With and Beyond Epistemologies from the South Lecture by Visiting Scholar 09-मई-2016
W.B.Yeats a Dialectic of Desire and Nation: The Body of a Woman and the Lie of the Land Lecture by Visiting Professor 06-मई-2016