Previous Academic Events

शीर्षक Type of the Seminar Date of the Seminar
Religion and Social Diversity in South Asia International Conference 12-अक्टूबर-2015 to 14-अक्टूबर-2015
Poetics of the People: B.R. Ambedkar’s Discursive Strategies in Democracy Lecture by Visiting Professor 08-अक्टूबर-2015
Radical Nostalgia? Yearnings for the Past in Anti-colonialism and Post-colonialism Lecture by Visiting Professor 21-सितंबर-2015
The Migrant Subaltern Voices in Fictional Narratives Lecture by Guest Fellow 17-सितंबर-2015
The Many Forms of Soft Power: India and the World International Conference 14-सितंबर-2015 to 16-सितंबर-2015
From White to Western? Lecture by Visiting Professor 10-सितंबर-2015
Third Rabindranath Tagore Memorial Lecture Tagore Memorial Lecture 07-सितंबर-2015
Historiography, Fieldwork and Debates on Sacred Shrines Fellows Weekly Seminar 03-सितंबर-2015
Linking Higher Education to Society Consultation Meeting 27-अगस्त-2015 to 28-अगस्त-2015
Why China Matters? Lecture by Visiting Professor 24-अगस्त-2015
The New (Asian) African: Politics and Creativity in the 1960s Lecture by Visiting Scholar 18-अगस्त-2015
Markets, State and Society Lecture by Visiting Professor 17-अगस्त-2015
In Praise of Failure Lecture by Guest Fellow 14-अगस्त-2015
Indian Diaspora in Australasia: 1879-2014 Lecture by Visiting Scholar 13-अगस्त-2015
Historiography of Translation in India Study Week 10-अगस्त-2015 to 14-अगस्त-2015
Dosti, Love, Sade and Supererogation: Is there a Personalytic ethic? Fellows Weekly Seminar 06-अगस्त-2015
Framing India through Perspectives from Elsewhere National Seminar 27-जुलाई-2015 to 29-जुलाई-2015
God, No-God, and the Argumentative Indian International Seminar 21-जुलाई-2015 to 22-जुलाई-2015
Commodities, Citizens and Making of a Border,: Assam, 1947-50s Lecture by Visiting Scholar 16-जुलाई-2015
Narrating Paradise on Earth Lecture by Visiting Scholar 10-जुलाई-2015