Professor Mundoli Narayanan

Research Project: 
Space, Time and Ways of Seeing in Performance: A Study of Kutiyattam, the Sanskrit Theatre of Kerala
Duration of Fellowship: 
जून 2018 to जून 2020

Prof. Mundoli Narayanan teaches at the University of Calicut, in the Department of English, School of Languages. He has a PhD from the University of Exeter, UK, and previously he has also taught at the University of Sharjah and Miyazaki International University, Japan. Prof. Narayanan’s major areas of research are Cultural Studies, Popular Culture, Theatre & Performance Studies, and traditional Indian Theatre. His articles have appeared in TDRComparative Culture, edited anthologies such as Dance Matters (Routledge),  Patronage, Spectacle and the Stage (IFTR), Quest of a Discipline: New Academic Directions for Comparative Literature (Cambridge) and a number of Indian journals. He has also published two books in Malayalam, Ormayute Ulbhavam and Itam, Avatharanam, Kazchavazhikal. He has been on the curatorial committees of the International Theatre Festival of Kerala and the Ekaharya Solo Theatre Festival and has done extensive documentation of Kathakali and Kutiyattam in association with UNESCO, CDiT, VEDIKA, and the Centre for the Documentation of Performing Arts, Killimangalam. He has presented many papers in national and international conferences and has lectured extensively in the country and abroad.