Social Security for Waste Pickers of India

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142 p.
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About this Book

Social security for waste pickers of India is produced from the implementer’s perspective to assist the policy makers, civil society institutions, community- based institutions to formulate human-development strategies for enhancing the living-standards of the waste-pickers. The book adopts multi-disciplinary research spreading across the disciplines of human development, constitutional provisions, social security legislations, solid waste management & environment and urban development. The book is a product of research undertaken by the author in the International Center for Human Development (IC4HD) which is a joint research program of IIAS and UNDP.

The book describes the vulnerabilities of waste-pickers in India and analyzes a wide range of social security options available for various development agencies to tackle their vulnerabilities. The policies and programs relevant for the waste-pickers and delivered by various development agencies is extensively discussed in this book, along with the associated limitations and challenges. Green Army – cooperatives of waste pickers tapping the wealth in waste – is proposed as an innovative social transformation strategy. The sustainability of the Green Army Model along with technology and funding options for variety of development agents discussed in this book, are unique to the academic research on waste pickers.