The library Membership is open to the Fellows, Visiting Fellows, Associates and Staff of the Institute. Besides, we may also extend the limited facility to external members and walk-in users.  Broadly, the Library membership can be categorized in to following:

    1. Individual member: Fellows, Associates and Staff associated with the Institute
    2. External Member: Individual working in Government R&D, Training centers etc.
    3. Walk-in Users:  Retired government Employees, Independent researchers etc.

1. Individual Member:

The borrowing privileges and membership fee under this is as under:

Membership Fee Structure for Internal Members
CategoryBorrowing PrevilegesAnnual Membership Fee (Non Refundable)
Fellows30 BooksNil
Editorial Board Members: Residing in Shimla5 BooksNil
Associates4 BooksNil
Former Fellows: who have submitted manuscript and are permanently residing in Shimla.2 BooksRs. 500
Former Fellows: Who have submitted manuscript and are residing outside Shimla0 BooksRs. 500
Guest Scholars2 BooksNil
Visiting Professors2 BooksNil
Visiting Scholars2 BooksNil
Staff2 BooksNil

2. External membership:

External Membership is for those who are not affiliated with the Institute but wish to refer the library resources for their research work.  Since the Library has limited sitting capacity, the external membership facility can be extended and confined to only 25 people in a year. (Under annual membership category).
The academician working and engaged in research work at Centre, State Government, R & D, Training centers and academic Institutes working in the state of Himachal Pradesh are eligible to apply for external membership of the Library. Such members are not entitled for issuing any book from the library.
Valid ID and residential address proof is required to be submitted with application. The applicant must provide a letter of recommendation from concerned Head of Department / Principal of College and a residential address proof.
The Membership does not include the facility of photocopy, borrowing privileges and remote access to the online journal collection. They can refer and consult the library resources, use internet facility and access to electronic resources. The membership fee under this category is as under:

Membership Fee Structure for External Members
CategoryPeriodMembership Fee
Short duration5 to 10 DaysRs. 300
Long duration10 to 20 DaysRs. 500
One Month21 to 30 DaysRs. 1,000
AnnualMore than 30 days Rs. 2500

* The external membership facility to 25 users shall be applicable under rule 1.5 only. It excludes the membership category listed under rule 1.1 to 1.4.

Walk-in users:

Walk-in access services are meant for non-library members to access the electronic resources of the Library where the license for an electronic resource permits such access. It excludes access elsewhere on campus, or off campus. The users will be given maximum two hours slots in one day for access to e-resources. The library will not charge any fee for this service. The membership will be available subject to the availability of seat and computers.

General Rules:

  • The validity period of library membership to the Fellows will be initially for one year from the date of joining, it will further be extended for another year.
  • Only bonafide members are allowed to use the Library. Members must always carry their ID cards while visiting the Library.
  • No personal books/reading material/printed material will be allowed in the Library.
  • Walk-in users are entitled only to consult in the Library and will not be given borrowing facilities.
  • Walk-in users, visitors and members of other institutions may be granted reading and reference privileges at the discretion of the Director / Secretary/ Librarian. Such users must seek permission in writing for using the privileges.
  • The Individual members must obtain “No Dues Certificate” from the Librarian before relinquishing membership or leaving the Institute due to completion of Fellowship, resignation, retirement, transfer, deputation, etc. It is a must for settling the dues with the Accounts Division
  • Any violation of rule(s) may lead to cancellation/suspension of membership.

Rules for Loss of Books and Library Material:

  1. The borrower shall be responsible for the safe custody of the books issued to him/her.
  2. The borrower shall be responsible for the loss or damage to the books issued to him /her.
  3. In the event of a book lost or damaged, the borrower shall either replace it with latest edition along with Rs.100/- as processing fee or pay the following charges:
Year of Publication of lost bookCost Plus Surcharge to be recovered
Prior to 1940Current publishers price + 200% as Surcharge
1940-1950 Current Publishers Price + 175% as surcharge
1950-1960Current Publishers price + 150% as surcharge
1960-1970Current publishers price + 140% as surcharge
1970-1980Current publishers price + 125% as surcharge
1980 onwardsCurrent publishers price + 50% as surcharge
  1. If the payment of the book is not made as demanded, the library reserves the right to recover the amount from the Fellowship/Salary/ PF of the concerned member.
  2. Rare books shall not be issued by the Library to borrower. These may be referred in the Library only.
  3. Marking on books/journals with pencil or ink, soiling, underlining, writing remarks on pages, folding, tearing of pages, etc. shall tantamount to the damage of the book.
  4. Photocopying of rare books and manuscript is not permitted.
  5. In case of a book belonging to a set or series is lost or damaged by the borrower, and the new volume is not separately available, the whole set or series shall have to be replaced by the borrower. The damaged set or series may be taken away by the borrower after making the re-placement.
  6. Before leaving the Library counter, the borrower should immediately point out any damage or mutilations in the book to the Library Assistant on duty, otherwise the borrower shall be held responsible for replacement of the book or liable to pay the charges determined at para (iii)