The IIAS Library

The IIAS has a rich and diverse library service. Established in 1965, the Library today is truly a 21st century resource centre. The Library has been established to facilitate, promote and support research to Fellows of the Institute. It is one of the leading research and reference libraries in Humanities and Social Science in the country. The Social Science collections, in fact, are worldwide in coverage and significance. It has grown into one of the most prestigious and well-equipped resources in Humanities and Social Sciences. The Library uses SOUL software package which is an integrated multi-user library management system that supports all in- house operations of the Library.


It will support and enrich the institute’s mandate to advanced research by facilitating access to rich digital and print content and build one of the world’s leading libraries for Humanities and Social Science with a state-of-the-art library resources and services.

As the intellectual crossroads of the Institute, The Library will be leader in integration of information, services and technologies that are essential to learning, research and creation of knowledge. The Library will promote a culture of learning and innovation among users and will create a sense of place, both physical and virtual to support advance research, exploration and exchange of ideas and creation of new knowledge.


To facilitate advance research at IIAS, by providing information resource and user-centred services of the highest possible quality. The mission of the Library is to provide access to high quality information resources in all forms to the Fellows, Visiting Fellows, Associates and staff. With a commitment to excellence in services, the Library offers information resources and innovative services to support the intellectual inquiry, research and lifelong learning needs of Fellows of the Institute.

The Library is the Learning Resource Centre and gateway for information required in advancing the academic and research programs at IIAS. The Library supports the research programs of IIAS through collections, technology and services which enable Fellows, Visiting Scholars and Associates to access knowledge and information resources in all formats.


• To facilitate and access to knowledge/information in all kinds of format to the Fellow, Visiting Fellows and Associates of the Institute in pursuit of research
• To develop, maintain and promote the library as an inviting comfortable place where the user community reads, studies and pursue research
• To develop, maintain and promote high quality print and electronic collection that are readily accessible.
• To develop, maintain and promote user-centered services that anticipate and respond to the needs of the users.
• To maintain and promote a well-supported staff with the education, skills, tools and resources needed to promote the best services.
• To develop and provide quality collections/resources, user facilities and library staff, to maintain an environment conducive to study and research.
• To create and deliver a range of networked information and document delivery services that encourage the study, scholarship and research
• To manage the information resources effectively and actively promote the optimum usage.
• To maintain and improve the effectiveness of core service functions i.e. acquisitions, reference, and circulation and web services.
• To select, collect, create, organize, preserve, manage and provide access to information sources in print, non-print and digital forms, regardless of physical location, to support scholarly pursuit, learning, teaching and research in the Institute.
• To develop the library website to improve access to digital resources from both within and outside the library
• Increase training and assistance to library users in order to encourage self-help, independent learning and knowledge discovery
• To collaborate with other libraries, networks and consortia to optimize the access to knowledge base.