Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Library opening hours, and details of any changes, are available here.

Q: What are the telephone numbers for contacting the Library?

Answer: The Library Office can be contacted on 0177-2830105 and the Main Library Service Desk on Epabx no 217.  Contact information for specific Library Departments, including fax number and e-mail addresses, is given here

Answer: The Library Membership is open for Scholars and Associates of the IIAS, Institute staff, and Faculty members of adjoining universities and colleges. If you are a student and doing some research in the field of Humanities and social sciences, we would consider you as external member.

Answer: The Library Membership form is available under download section in this website, after filling up the form you can submit the same to the library reception desk. Within 2 working days you will be issued an ID card of the library.

Answer: If you're a Scholar or staff member of the IIAS you can directly approach to Main Library Service Desk 217 (EPABX)

Answer: Use the Library catalogues.  Check WebOPAC, the online catalogue, first.  It is accessible from both on and off-campus, and contains most material.  A Periodical Search in OPAC will tell you which print or electronic journals are held by the Library

Answer: WebOPAC the online catalogue, will tell you if the item has been borrowed.  If it's not on loan and not where it should be on the shelves, it might be in the re-shelving section (library Main service desk)  or being consulted.  If you still can't find it, ask at the Service Desk

Answer: A collection of mainly undergraduate texts likely to be in heavy demand.  Teaching staff ask Library staff to add certain recommended course readings to the Short Loan Collection, to ensure that students in larger classes are given the same opportunity for access

Borrowing periods are restricted to a maximum of four hours during the day, or overnight, or over the weekend, and reservations can be made up to several weeks in advance.  You may borrow up to 3 books from the Short Loan Collection, at one time. The Short Loan leaflet gives information about borrowing and booking times  


Scholars/ Fellows – 30

Associates – 4

Staff – 2

Subscription readers –0

You can check the details here

Answer: A Scholar of IIAS can borrow one book for his scholar ship tenure and an associate can borrow a book for 1 month, or expiration of his/her term (whichever is first).

Answer: The Service Desk acts as the first point of contact for enquiries.  Staff there will arrange appropriate assistance for you, referring enquiries on to specialist staff or Library departments, if necessary.  The IT Helpdesk deals with computer-related matters, including computer accounts, email problems and issues arising in the computer classrooms

Answer: If you're researching a topic and trying to find relevant books/articles, you will need more detailed information than a FAQ can provide.   If you ask at the Service Desk, staff there will refer you on to appropriate staff .

Answer: The Library subscribes to over 100 online databases to help you with your research.  They cover most subjects taught at the University and vary from bibliographic databases (which give details of published articles, books, etc), to full-text, citation, image, mapping, newspaper, reference, open access, census, theses and alerting databases.  Please ask for individual assistance with these resources, if you need it. For more info please visit here.

Answer: The Library's e-resources can be accessed without a username and password, in most cases, from any computer on the University network  A few databases require an NLIST username and password for on-campus access. TheDatabases page indicates what the current access requirements are. Our Internal resources like Multimedia server and Dspace reporsatory can be accessed without any username and password. (Within intranet only)

Answer: Some Free resources can be accessed without any username and password if you are accessing them outside the network, the resources which have IP based authentication, cannot be accessed from outside our network.

Answer: There is a cluster of 15 PCs on Level 2 of the Main Library which IIAS staff and Scholars and associates are welcome to use for searching OPAC, library catalogues, online databases and the Internet, using e-mail, word-processing, spreadsheets, etc.  They are not bookable, but waiting times, if any, are generally short

If you need any assistance with programs or e-mail, please ask the IT Helpdesk staff.   Help with finding information and using the Library's online databases can be provided by Library staff

There is wireless connectivity to the IIAS network, in the Library, if you wish to use your laptop, and IT Helpdesk staff can provide more information.  

Answer: The PC cluster in the Main Library is networked to laser printer in the same area.   If you need to increase your print quota, ask at the IT Helpdesk during the day and at the Service Desk when the IT Helpdesk is not staffed (evenings and part of the weekend).  If you have any questions about the PCs or printers, ask at the IT Helpdesk

Answer: The main bank of photocopiers is near the Mail Library service desk, adjacent to the Reading room.  If you need assistance, please ask the Library Janitors or Service Desk staff. For more info please visit here .

Answer: Yes, we can obtain material not held by this Library for you, through the Interlibrary Loan/ Document Delivery service.  Full information about how to use this service is given on the Interlibrary Loan web pages

Answer: All members of this IIAS enjoy reciprocal borrowing privileges with other libraries.  Staff and research postgraduates may also borrow from other library networks like delnet and inflibnet.

Answer: The Library web pages contain detailed information about Library services and facilities, supplemented by printable leaflets and guides.   However, if you need additional information or would like to talk to someone directly, you are most welcome to contact a relevant member of Library staff, or the Library Office 0177-2830105;, or to use the Contact Us form on the Library web pages

Answer: Any scholar or fellow can recommend a book to the librarian, by filling up the book recommendation form which can be downloaded from the downloads page. The final decision of purchase lies with the director only.