Dharma,society and political order

  • Ramashray Roy Indian Institute of advance study


Whenever the issue of creating, sustaining and safeguarding order in society is raised, the tradition ofWestem thinking gives one unequivocal answer. It identifies the political system as not only creator of order, but also its guardian and protector when the unruly crowd of passions rises in open rebellion against the harsh rule of the soul and when, as a result of this, order in society is threatened with disruption. Plato recommends the creation of a political order that he calls republic as the panacea capable of saving man from the adverse consequences of disorder. In his view, there is no other agency than the state that can work as the surrogate of order and release man from the slavery of his turbulent passions. Social order does not enter into his reckoning. Even Aristotle assigns the responsibility- of transforming the individual into a citizen not to society but to the public realm, that is, the realm of politics.

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