Concept of will in Waismann

  • Kali Charan Pandey Lecturer in Philosophy Government College Dharamshala


I have underlined the term 'will' in the above quotation in order to focus at our discussion: whether the concept of will is dichotomous? We shall discuss this issue in the light of Friedrich Waismann's views on the indeterminate and ambivalent nature ofhuman will in his book Wzll and Motive. In order to crystallize the thesis that will contains mutually conflicting elements, we shall delve into will's aptness or in-aptness with wish, action and motive. Human will is regarded as a link between wish and action, :md also as a process, which consists of wish, desire, motive, and action. As the nature of the process of willing differs from person to person and from situation to situation, willing could be of innumerable types. According to Waismann, will could broadly be classified into following categories:1

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