Al-Kindi and Cosmopolitanism in Science

  • Deepti Thakur Indian Institute of Advanced Study


Kitab Yakub ibn Ishaq al-Kindi fi al-Shu`a’at a treatise on light rays in Arabic, whose translation into English I am working on, is a work by the distinguished philosopherscientist al-Kindi (805-870 CE), who was a scholar at the court of the Caliphs Ma`mun (813-833 CE) and Mu`tasim (833-841 CE). This was a time when scholarship flourished under the Abbasid caliphate, then at the peak of its military and political powers - its borders extending from the Bosphorus in the North to the Arabian Sea in the South and from Andalusia in the West along the rim of Africa to Persia in the East.

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