Academic Life

Area of Study

The following areas have been selected for studies by the Institute:

(a) Social, political and economic philosophy;
(b) Comparative Indian (including ancient, medieval, modern folk and tribal);
(c) Comparative studies in philosophy and religion;
(d) Development of world-views;
(e) Education, culture, arts including performing arts and craft;
(f) Fundamental concepts and problems of logic and mathematics.
(g) Fundamental concepts and problems of natural and life sciences;
(h) Studies in environment, natural and social;
(i) Indian civilization in the context of Asian neighbours; and
(j) Problems of contemporary India in the context of national integration and nation-building.
(a) Theme of Indian unity in diversity;
(b) Intergrality of Indian consciousness;
(c) Philosophy of education in the Indian perspective;
(d) Advanced concepts in natural sciences and their philosophical implications;
(e) Indian and Asian contribution to the synthesis of science and spirituality;
(f) Indian and human unity;
(g) A Campanion to Indian Literature;
(h) A Comparitive Study of Indian Epics; and
(i) Human Environment.

Academic Life at IIAS