Fellows of the Institute

The backbone of the Institute have been the scholars who come to reside and work at the Institute. All the scholars who come to reside in the Institute to work on research projects of their own, are listed as Fellows of the Institute.

Selection of Fellows

Fellowships to the Institute are advertised nationwide. Selection of Fellowships are made through committees set up by the Governing Body consisting of experts in different areas of research, to assist the Director in determining the academic merit of scholars and their projects. There is a multiplicity of approach in selection of fellows. The selection is not necessarily confirmed to those who respond to advertisements. It is open to the Institute to consider the names of eminent scholars suggested by the Director of the Institute, the members of the Governing Body, and the Society. Talents are also identified through efforts on a regional and sub-regional basis. The final decision for the award of fellowships is taken by the Governing Body of the Institute on the recommendation of a common committee for all areas. The Governing Body can invite any eminent scholar to become a Fellow of the Institute.

Duration of Fellowship

The duration of Fellowship normally ranges from three months to two years. The initial assignment is given for only a year, and the Governing Body can extend the term of a fellow even upto three years.


  1. Fellows are provided modestly furnished rent free residential accommodation in the cottages which are part of Rashtrapati Nivas Estate.
  2. Telephones are provided whenever possible through the EPBAX system of the Institute.

    All the Fellows are also provided :
    1 A study which they may have to share with one or two other fellows,
    2 Computer and e-mail facilities
    3 Stationary items (to a limited extent)

Fellowship Grant

The Institute protects the salary of scholars in service during the term of their Fellowship. Those who are not in service, are paid Rs 51,700/- as Fellowship Grant to the Fellows, and Rs 66,000/- to the National Fellows.


Award of Fellowships