Guest Fellows

Guest Scholars visit the Institute - subject to the availability of accommodation. They are also welcome to utilise the facilities on a nominal payment.

Professor Medha Deshpande “Assesing Poverty:Do Concepts Matter?" (10 October 2014)
Dr. Kanchana Natarajan “Playing the Metaphysical "Game": Avudai Akkal Panchikarana Kattam (the squares of Panchikarana)” (08 August 2014 )
Professor Arindam Chakrabarti  
Dr. Sunera Thobani  
Professor Tridip Suhrud  
Professor Bettina Baeumer The Third Eye and Overcoming Death: Insights from the Netra Tantra (13 May 2014)
Dr. Vijaya Singh The Train Compartment: Female Traveller and the Journey of Love (5 September 2013)
Dr. Anuradha Bhattacharjee Advertising and Marketing: Implications for the Indian Automobile Industry (31 July 2013)
Dr. Mangesh Kulkarni M.K. Gandhi and Albert Camus: A Fusion of Horizons? (29 July 2013)
Dr. Anant Kumar Complementing Gender Analysis Methods (19 July 2013)
Professor Nirmalangshu Mukherji Ants and Computation (9 July 2013)
Professor Seema Purushottaman Agrarian Questions from Below: Food, Livelihood, Institutions and Ecology (29 May 2013)
Dr. Ananda Shankar Jayant Kavyanjali – An Ode to Gurudev: A Monograph on the Creative Process of a Peforming Arts Project (14 December 2012)
Dr. Shubhankar Dam A Mighty Pen: India's Parliamentary System on Trial (25 October 2012)
Dr. Nirmal Kumar Revisiting a Film: and what do we see!! (11 October 2012)
Professor Sibesh Bhattacharya World, West, Woman – Young Tagore Looks On (4 October 2012)
Professor David Malone

The Evolving Institutional Architecture for International Relations in the 21st Century with a Focus on the UN Security Council (20 May 2008)
Dr. S.BHATTACHARYA Financial Foundations of the British Raj.
SHRI P.C.CHATTERJI Fundamental Questions in Aesthetics
SMT. ZOHRA SAIYIDAIN The Realm of Perception
SRI DEWAN BIRENDRANATH Contemporary Life and Society in West Pakistan
DR. DAVID Mc LELLAN The contemporary Relevance of Marx's Ideas to the Indian Situation
SMT FATIMA MEER A Study on Gandhi from the Sociological Point of View
SHRI R.L.M. PATIL Pakistan's Nuclear Policy : The Present and the Future
SHRI GERD WARTENDERG Indian Philosophy of Education
SHRI M.CHAKRAVARTY The Nature of Questions
Dr. R.S.KHARE Hierarchy and Marriage among the Kanya Kubjaya Brahmins
DR. SANTOKH SINGH ANANT Changing Inter-Caste-Attitudes
SHRI SAYAD AHMAD ALI Long Run Implications of Industrialization - A Case Study of Dhanbad
Dr. PRATAP CHANDRA The Dynamic Tradition in Indian Thought
DR(MRS.) LEELA DUBE Kinship in Kerala and Laccadives
PROFESSOR BIMAL PRASAD Continuity and change in India's Foreign Policy
DR SUJIT MUKHERJEE Towards a Literary History of India
DR N.K.SINGHI Recent Trends in Sociological Theory
PROFESSOR B.B.LAL Indian Pottery Through the Ages
DR VINAYSHIL GAUTAM Land and Politics in Eastern India (1917-1947)
DR. RAMESH CHANDRA SINHA Hinduism and Christianity : A Study in Comparative Religion
Dr SUJATA MIRI The Problem of Suffering
SHRI P.S.REGE The Creative Process
DR.A.K.SINGH Industrialization, Modernization and Economic Development in India
PROFESSOR SISIR KUMAR GHOSE (i) On Poetry and Myth and (ii) Critiques of Industrial Society
DR. L.P.SINGH Buddhist Tantra Literature
DR. DHANESH JAIN Editing of the Proceedings of the Fifth All India Conference of Linguists
DR. B.P.SINGH The Indian Voter
DR.MUMTAZ ALI KHAN Sociological Analysis of the Working of SFDA in Bangalore District
DR. CHETAN KARNANI Indo-Anglian Literature
SHRI V.L.JOSHI The Critical Edition of 'Sabdaratna of Hari Dixit Vol.1.2'
DR.P.S.HUNDAL Synthesis of Theories of Intelligence
DR.DHARAM PRATAP Judicial Legislation by the International Court
DR.S.AMBIRAJAN Aspects of History of Economics Thought
SHRI N.C.SEXENA Muslim Communalism and Separatism - Its Growth and Remedies
PROFESSOR DAYA KRISHNA Completing a Book on Political Development
PROFESSOR C.P.BHAMBRI Members of Parliament of Five Lok Sabhas
DR. R.K.GUPTA Purity of Morals - Some Ethical Essays of Kantian Themes
DR VISHWA NATH SINGH Quadratic Form and Quadratic Programming
MOHD. ABDUL KADAR IMADI Nobles of Hyderabads
DR. BRIJESH NARAIN MEHRISH The Third World in International Politics
DR.D.P.AGARWAL The Archaeology of India
DR. V.K.BHARADWAJA The Role of Tarka in the Theory of Inference
Dr. KALYAN K.CHATTERJEE English and the Indian Renaissance
DR. J.C.DESHPANDE Optimisation : Methods and Applications
DR.BRIJENDRA N.JAIN Optimisation: Methods and Applications
DR.SURESH CHANDRA Optimisation: Methods and Applications
DR.ASHOK VOHRA Self Knowledge and Personal Identity