Academic Life

National Seminars/ Schools/Conference

The academic activity of the Institute is the research being done by its Fellows at any given point of time. Occasionally, the Institute undertakes interdisciplinary research projects on which scholars from different disciplines work as a team. Through each year, the Institute also organizes several national level seminars on themes of contemporary relevance as well as those of fundamental theoretical significance. Often, distinguished scholars from abroad are also invited to these seminars.



3-5 February 2014 Seminar on “Growth of Indian Knowledge Systems: The Regional Contributions”
11-13 March 2014 International Seminar on “Locating Gender in the New Middle Class in India”
25-26 March 2014 Seminar on “Cultural Ecology of the Teesta”
14-15 April 2014 National Seminar on “Vartman Sandharabh mein Dalit Asmita se Jure Sawal aur Sahitya Lekhan” (Shri Om Prakash Valimiki ki Smriti Mein)
22-23 April 2014 Seminar on “Border Questions in India’s North East: Intra and International Dimensions”
27-28 May 2014 Seminar on “Recent Perspectives on Himalayan Buddhism”
06-07 June 2014 International Symposium on “100 Years after the Simla Conference-1913-14”
11-13 June 2014 Seminar on “Right to Land and its Potential for Social Transformation”
25-27 April 2013 Workshopon "Methodology of Theatre Training in India"
27 May 2013 Colloquium on “Capital Punishment: State and Society”
3-5 June 2013 Seminar on “Ordinary Lives in a Conflict Zone: Voices from Kashmir”
10–11 June 2013 Shimla Retreat III International Seminar on “The Social Dynamics of the Urban”
14-17 June 2013 2nd International Workshop on “Advances in Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology (AAPCOS-2013)
23-24 July 2013 National Seminar on “Dalit Kavita: Asmita aur Pratirodh ki Sanskriti”
11-14 August 2013 National Seminar on “Waves in the Silent Pool: Literatures of the Modern Indian Languages”
18 October 2013 Colloquium on “Langauge and Cognition: Why Does it Matter”
25-28 October 2013 Artist Workshop on “Mood”
20 November-4 December 2013 Winter School on “Life and Thought of Gandhi”
9 December 2013 Symposium on “Secularity, Secularisation and Secularism”
15-16 January 2011 International Conference on 'Challenges to Democracy in South Asia'
28-29 January 2011 National Seminar on Challenges of Inclusive Development in North-West India: Sites, Strategies and Possibilities
11-12 March 2011 Seminar on 'Higher Education in India's North East: Issues and Concerns'
14 March 2011 Workshop on 'What kind of Social Science we need?' in Collaboration with CSDS
18-20 March 2011 International Conference on 'The Character of Mind'
19-20 March 2011 Workshop on 'Understanding Collective Action, Violence, and Post-Colonial Democracy'
23-30 March 2011 Study Week on 'Abhinavagupta'
27-29 April 2011 Seminar on 'Christian Educational Institutions: The Making of Modern Democratic India'
2-13 May 2011 Study Week on 'Indian Logic and Epistemology (Level-III)',
21-23 May, 2011 Workshop on 'Indian Muslim Women’s Struggles for Equality, Justice and Empowerment'
1-3 June 2011. International Conference on 'Changes in Caste Hierarchies in Rural India and their Political Implications'
7-9 June, 2011 Seminar on 'Sree Narayana Guru'
12-26 June, 2011 Summer School on 'The Conceptual Universe of the Mahabharata'
13-14 August, 2011 Workshop on 'Education for Peace and Sustainable Development'
26-28 September, 2011 Workshop on 'Understanding Collective Action and Violence in Post-Colonial Democracy'
4-6 October, 2011 Seminar on 'Tagore, Neruda, Cesaire: A View From The South'
10-12 October, 2011. International Seminar on ‘Orality: Word, Text and Beyond’,
14-16 November, 2011 International Conference on 'The Home And The World: Rabindranath Tagore'
21-23 November, 2011 Seminar on 'Annihilation of Caste
1-15 December 2011 Winter School on 'Life and Thought of Gandhi'
18-20 December, 2011 Seminar on 'Goa:1961 and Beyond'


22-23 January 2010 Seminar on Issues In Resource Conflicts In Eastern India,
12-13 February 2010 New Issues in Studies in Forced Migration, at Guwahati,
22 February-4 March 2010 Winter School on Community, Tribes and Modernity
4-6 March 2010 Critical Studies in Politics
16-18 March 2010 Seminar on Society and Literature: Interdisciplinary Transactions, in Collaboration with ICSSR, NERC, Shillong at Shillong
22-23 March 2010 Seminar on Democracy, Identity and Group Rights
14-28 April 2010 Spring School on Mahabharata
18-20 May 2010 Conference on History and Memory
1-5 June 2010 Study Week on Exploring Gender, Redefining the Field: Feminist Journeys in the Social Sciences, Humanities and the Arts
2-12 July 2010 Study Week on Indian Logic and Epistemology
19- 25 July 2010 Study Week on 'Dalit Challenges and Disciplinary Practices
9-14 August 2010 Painting Workshop: Artists at IIAS
20- 21 August 2010 Conference on Utpaladeva, Philosopher of Recognition
24 September 2010 A Round table on Social Inquiry Today: The Challenge of Description and Change At Hyderabad
27- 28 September 2010 Seminar on Modernity and Changing Social Fabric of Punjab and Haryana