Academic Life

Lectures by Visiting Professors

Visiting Professors are eminent scholars invited by the Governing Body of the Institute to deliver lectures and give seminars at the Institute. During an in-residence stay of up to four weeks, they also interact informally with Fellows of the Institute.

Professor Jose Manuel Mendes Media, citizenship and extreme events: the possibility of alternative grammars
Professor T S Saraswathi Ecology of adolescence in India: Kaleidoscopic images
Professor Kundan Tuteja Hindu Consciousness and Writing of History in Early Twentieth Century
Professor Kundan Tuteja Hindi-Hindu' Discourse in Late Colonial punjab
Professor Kundan Tuteja Lajpat Rai's Perspective on Community and Nation: An Interpretation
Professor Raffaele Torella Can a Seeker of Truth do Without Revealed Tradition? Buddhism, Mimamsa and Saiva Tantra in Dialogue
Professor Raffaele Torella The Variegated Concept of Revelation in the Trika Philosophy of Kaśmīr
Dr Tim Allender Surrendering a Colonial Domain: Western Epistemologies in the Punjab, 1855-1900
Dr Tim Allender Whose History and Whose National Story?: The Ontology of Contemporary Western Teaching Praxis, Learning Constituencies and What Counts as Knowledge
Dr Tim Allender Learning Colonial Femininity: Girls and Women at the Periphery Reconfiguring Race and Class in the Raj, 1825-1928
Professor Uma Chakravarti The Social Philosophy of Buddhism and the Problem of Inequality
Professor Sangeetha Menon Emotion, Embodiment and Neural Challenges: A Discussion on Neuropsychiatry and Cognitive Neurosciences
Professor Sangeetha Menon Brain and Self: Explaining Everyday
Professor Sangeetha Menon Interdisciplinary Dialogues in Consciousness Studies: An introduction
Professor William Sax From Subject to Citizen: an alternative modernity in Rawain
Professor William Sax Divine Kingship and Distributed Agency in South Asia and the Western Himalaya (Divine Kingship-I)
Professor William Sax Kautilya meets Latour: on the inseparability of nature and Culture (Divine Kingship- II)
Professor Hoshang Merchant The Art of Bhupen Khakhar
Professor Hoshang Merchant What is Anais Nin Doing
Professor Hoshang Merchant Kautilya meets Latour: On the Inseparability of Nature and Culture (Divine Kingship II)
Professor Bijoy Boruah First-Personal Self-Reference
Professor Bijoy Boruah Self -Awareness as Self-Acknowledgement
Professor Bijoy Boruah On Being No One: The Idea of a Perspectiveless
Professor Nirmalangshu Mukherji Ascription and Description
Professor Nirmalangshu Mukherji Species Specificity
Professor Nirmalangshu Mukherji Merge and Mind
Professor Sasheej Hegde Mapping Disciplines: Some Formal and Analytic Protocols
Professor Sasheej Hegde Reorienting Disciplinary Agendas: Further Considerations on Reflexivity
Professor Sasheej Hegde Disciplinary History and Comparability: A Brief Working Through
Professor Jasbir Jain Why Forgiveness? Meaning, Relevance and Problematics of the Discourse
Professor Jasbir Jain Negotiations Between Past and Present: Equality, Forgiveness and the World Order
Professor Jasbir Jain Is there a Future in the Past?
Professor Tiplut Nongbri Development in North-East India: Issues and Challenges
Professor Tiplut Nongbri Deconstructing Masculinity Matriliny, Fatherhood and Social Change
Professor Tiplut Nongbri Christianity, Colonialism and Tribes: An Alternative View of Conversion
Professor Imtiaz Ahmad Pakistan and the Indian Muslims
Professor Imtiaz Ahmad Economic and Social Change
Professor Imtiaz Ahmad Muslim Educational Backwardness: Competing Pressures of Religious and Secular Learning
Professor Raffaele Torella Passions and Emotions in Indian Philosophy and Religion: Preliminary Remarks
Professor Raffaele Torella Niskama-Karma (‘Action Without Desire’) of the Bhagavadgita versus Niskarma-Kama (Desire without Object’) of Non-Dual Saivism
Professor Raffaele Torella Liberation-From-Passion Versus Liberation-Through-Passions
Professor Vidyanand Nanjundiah Genes and Information
Professor Vidyanand Nanjundiah Evolution Today
Professor Vidyanand Nanjundiah The Biological Roots of Culture