Lectures by Visiting Scholars

Visiting Scholars also come to the Institute on invitation. Like Visiting Professors, they too are distinguished in their respective fields, but their stay is limited to a week when all facilities of the Institute are extended to them.

Name of the Speaker Title of the Presentation
Dr. Sudha Vasan
Changing Ruralities in Himachal Pradesh and Implications for Climate Change.
Professor Birendra Nath Datta
Aspects of the Cultural Heritage of Assam from the Ancient to the Medieval Times with Special Focus on the Performing Arts.
Dr. Anup Kumar Demystifying Media Effects: Politics-Media-Politics Cycle and Competitive Symbiosis on Prime Time TV News Panel Shows
Dr. G.S. Pandey Modernity in Mathematics
Shri Sadanand Menon Visualising Identity: The Cultural Politics of Dravidian Nationalism
Shri Anil Zankar Chronicling City Through Cinema
Dr. Nandini Sinha Kapur Bhils in Conservation: Aspects of Agrarian History and Sacred Groves in Southern Rajasthan
Dr. Geeti Sen Potrait of an Artist: A Personal Interpretation of M F Hussain
Professor Harihar Bhattacharyya Recovering the Democratic Intention: Problematizing Indian Democracy
Shri Keki N. Daruwalla Minoritism and the Minorities Commission
Dr. Manuela Ciotti Dalit Women between Social and Analytical Alterity: Rethinking the ‘Quintessentially Marginal
Professor Meena Alexander Poetry and the Vanishing Self
Professor Subrata K. Mitra Citizenship as Conceptual Flow: The Case of India in a Comparative Perspective
Dr. Monica Singhania Comparative Tax Performances: An Analysis of Indian States
Professor Pulin B Nayak Gandhiji as a Development Economist
Professor Sumantra Chattarji The Autistic Brain: Hopes and Challenges
Dr. Vinod Raina Critical Pedagogy and Constructivism
Professor Lynn Mario T. Menezes De Souza Language as Continuum: Mother Tongue and Literacy Issues in Language Policy
Professor Sadanand Menon Time and Work of Chandralekha in Contemporary Choreography
Professor Richard Allen The Sound of the Birds
Professor Isabelle Frank The Challenges of Continuing Education in the US Today
Professor Purushottama Bilimoria Disenchantments of Secularism: The West and India
Professor Manjit Singh Development of Disaster: A Case of Punjab
Professor Kunal Chakrabarti History in the Proper Sense of the Term: Rabindranath Tagore’s Reflections on India’s Past
Professor Surendra Munshi The Satanic Verses: An Alternative Reading
Shri Avinash Jha The Lokavidya Standpoint on Knowledge: Towards a Philosophical/Political Reading of the Information Age
Professor Rosie Thomas On Booted Females Flogging Gangsters: Visceral Cosmopolitanism in 1930s Bombay Action Films
Professor Bijoy H. Boruah The Ethics of Citizen Agency
Dr. M G Vassanji From Physics to History & the Novel
Professor B.N. Patnaik Socio-Political Dimensions of Football Writing
Professor B.N. Patnaik Lakshmi Purana as a Protest Text
Dr. N. K. Bhattacharjee Translation as an Inter-Cultural Dialogue
Professor Lakshmi Bandlamudi Dialogics of Self, the Mahabharata and Culture
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