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Weekly Seminars

   Name of the Speaker Title of the Presentation
Dr. P. Banerjee Avalokitesvara—The All-Sided One: A New Study
Shri Amit Kumar Mukhopadhyay Notes on Realism in Art
Prof. A.P.Srivastava Bio-Tech and Information Society
Dr. P. Banerjee Hindu Deities and Legends from Central Asia
Dr. Uma Rao Women and Equality: The Role of Education
Dr. Sajal Basu Language through Movements
Shri A.B. Mitra A Genetic Exploration of Women’s Exploitation: The Adventures of a Gadfly
Dr.G. Krishanan-Kutty Development Poles in Regional Economic Development
Prof. S.G. Tulpule The Nameless Name
Prof. L.M. Khubchandani India as a  Sociolinguistic  Area
Dr. Geeti Sen Portraiture and Allegory in Mughal Painting
Dr. M.M. Agrawal Nothingness and Freedom: Sartre and Krishnamurti
Dr. Sukrita Pual Kumar Literary Modernism and some Partition Stories in Hindi and Urdu
Prof. N.S. Dravid Death-full Existence and the Concept of Moksha
Dr. Pamela Kanwar Some Aspects of Pre-Colonial Urbanism in Himachal Pradesh
Prof. T. S. Rukmini Sankara: The Man and His Philosophly
Prof. J. D. Sethi Global Economic Crisis and its Impact on Education: A View from the South 
Dr. Anna Maria Nodzynska-Ratajczya Indo-Nepalese Economic Relation
Dr. Jaidev Culture, Pastiche, Politics
Prof. J. S. Grewal Jawaharlal Nehru on Secularization
Prof. L. M. Khubchandani Interaction Process: In the Framework of Human  Communication
Dr. Anna Maria Nodzynska-Ratajczyka India’s Experience in Economic Relations with other Developing Countries
Dr. Anvita Abbi “Semantic Unity in Linguistic Diversity”
Dr. Jaidev Feminism and the Contemporary Hindi Fiction
Dr. O.P. Joneja The Novel of Colonial Consciousness
Dr. D.D. Mahulkar Some Misconceptions in Indian Linguistic Studies: Past and Present
Prof. N.S.S. Raman Mythos and Logos: The two Poles of Religious Experience
Dr. Paulos Mar Gregorios What is Happening in Eastern Europe
Dr. Anindita N. Balslev Time, Metaphors and Encounter of Cultures
Dr. Pamela Kanwar The Indian Hill Station: A Theoretical Appraisal
Prof. N.S.S. Raman Representation of the Self as Heroic in Literature of East and the West
Dr. Uma Roa Education of Women-Context and Medium
Dr. Jaidev In Pastiche: The Novels of Mridula Garg
Prof. S.N. Ray “Communication and Rural Development in India” : The Changing Perceptions and the search for a New Public Policy
Prof. J.S. Grewal Cultural Reorientation in India Under Colonial Rule
M.M Agarwal Consciousness and Human Freedom
Manjit Singh Land Reforms in Haryana
G.C Gupta

Schooling and shaping of a childs mind

N.K Devaraja


A.P Srivastava

The State of university libraries and Learning before Independence

J.S Gerwal Social Change in the Punjab Under Colonial Rule
Amit Kumar Mukhopadhyay The Art of Gaganendranath Tagore
Subhashini Aryan :Durga Mahishasuramardini - Image from Basheshara Mahadev Temple, Bajaura(Kulu)
V.C Ohri The Origin of Pahari Painting
Amit Kumar Mukhopadhyay Nineteenth Century Art Bengal
C.K Johri The Trade Union and the Industrial Disputes (Amendmeent) Bill, 1988 and the Industrial Relations System
Sukrita Paul Kumar Tradition and Emergence of the Modernist Temper in the post- Independence Hindi and Urdu Short Fiction
Javeed Ashraf Antiquity of annas(Annas Satwa) in Indian Culture
Jahar Lal Sen The Land of Thunderbolt : A Study of Strategic Considerations
M.M Agarwal Religion, Vinture and Spirituality
N.K. Devaraja Role of the pre suppositions and Theoretical Assumptions in the Construction of philosophical Systems
Sukrita Paul Kumar The becoming Literature
Paulos Mar Gergorious Identity and Relation (India and Europe)- The Study of their First Encounter and Some lession for today
Pabitra Kumar Roy Poetry and Truth in Sri Aurobindo
Amit Kumar Mukhopadhyay Rabindernath Tagore - His personailty and art
Priyatosh Banerjee An Indian Ascetic as Depiceted in the Art of Kizil(Centeral Asia)
Jaweed Ashriaf Antiquity of maize in Indian Culture
Ashok Kumar Jha The Confessional Poets
Lachman M. Khubchandani Cultural Pluralism Issue of Language and Enthnicity in Nation -Building
N.K Devaraja The Humanistic Approch to Hindu Religio - philosophic Thought
A.P Srivastava Some Charactrstics of Indian Scholarship and Learning
Jahar Lal Sen The Cultural profile of Darjeeling : A Case Study of culture Between India and Nepal Based on Linguistic Sources
Jayashree Mathur Base for policy in Higher Education
Javeed Ashriaf Antiquity of Annas (Annas Swata) in Indian Culture


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