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Weekly Seminar

   Names Title of the Seminar
Professor Valerian Rodrigues The Changing Contours of Civil Society: Capital, Community and Identity
Professor Tejwant Singh Gill Orientalist View of Guru Gobind Singh (Based on Trumpp's commentary)
Dr. Motial Lidhoo Partition and the Kashmir Issue
Dr. Shashi Joshi Missionary Encounter: Styles of Interaction
Dr. S.K. Raina Translation: Importance & Scope
Professor Nirbhai Singh Sikh Voluntarism and Social Realities
Professor L.P. Singh Science, Spirituality and the Future Society
Professor Ram Kamal Rai Nayi Kavita (Hindi)
Dr. A.K. Chakrabarti Women Education and the Bengali Literati in the Early Twentieth Century
Dr. Sunder Sarukkai Form, Symmetry and the Hegemony of Vision
Dr. Viond Misra Geometry Relating to Circles and Spheres
Professor H.S. Gill On Signification in Buddhist and French Traditions
Dr. Devendra Handa Jaina Bronzes from Hansi (Haryana)
Dr. C.V. Ramachandra Rao A.K. Coomaraswamy - An Inspirer of Indian Renaissance: His Universe of Discourse
Dr. Lalit Kumar Barua North East India in the Nineteenth Century
Professor Bhaben Barua Indian Poetry and Poetics
Dr. Sudha Vasan Policy Practice and Process: Practical Issues in the Conversation Bio-diversity
Dr. D.N. Tripathi The Indo-European Homeland: An Indian Perspectives
Prof. Mrinal Miri Moral Education
Prof. Ramashray Roy Vedic Roots of Indian Intellectual Tradition: Vakyapadiya Tantra and Paniniya Paratiyahar
Dr. Franson Manjali Lacan, Derrida, and the Vicissitudes of the ‘Sign’
Prof. Valerian Rodrigues Multiculturalism as a mode of Understanding
Dr. Rakesh Batabyal On the Great Promise: Swaraj in one year
Dr. Jonardon Ganeri The Concealed Art of the Soul:Paradigms of Reason in Classical India
Ms. Krishna Sobti Zindagi-Nama-II
Shri Giriraj Kishore Antar Virodh in Gandhi
Prof. S.F. Ratnagar How do We Assess the Importance of Trade in the Bronze Age?
Dr. S.K. Raina Bharatyee Bhashaon ka Hindi mein Anuvaad
Dr. T.S. Gill Guru-Granth Sahib: Its First Western Reading
Prof. Bhaben Barua Indian Poetry: Tradition and Modernity (A View of a Practionor and Historian)
Dr. Sunder Sarukkai Philosophy of Symmetry
Prof. I.P. Massy Understanding India in its Diversity
Dr. Vir Bharat Talwar Stri Shiksha, Hindi Navjagran aur Opniveshik Rajya
Dr. Amiya P.Sen Sri Ramakrishna and Middle Class religions in Colonial Bengal Exploring some new paradigms of understanding
Prof. Bhim S. Dahiya The State of Higher Education Today – The Indian Context
Dr. Indivar Kamtekar Re-interpreting the 1940’s in India
Dr. Nirmalangshu Mukher-ji Anxieties
Dr. Lakshmi Kannan Select readings from her novel in progress
Dr. O.C. Handa Evolution of Wooden Temple in Upper Satluj Valley
Prof. Ramashray Ray Vedic Vision and Political Order
Prof. Aditi Mukherji Face  and Literacy
Dr. Rakesh Batabyal Gandhi-Tagore and the Civilisational Perspective
Prof. N.S. Tasneem The Aesthetics of the Novel
Prof. Bhaben Barua Indian Renaissance, Tagore and Literature
Dr. Arun P. Bali Gerontology Studies in India- A Status Profile
Dr. Chidananda Dasgupta Screenplay Reading ‘The Prince’
Dr. Rakesh Batabyal Noakhali Riots - 1946
Dr. Som P. Ranchan Aurotherapy: An Overview
Dr. Suresh Sharma Gandhi and the Modern Universe
Dr. Samir Banerjee Gandhi: Invocking on Inter-locutor
Dr. Shekhar Pathak Chipko: Tradition and Continuity  of Social Movements in Uttarakhand
Dr. Papiya Ghosh Mutahhidah Qaumiyat in Aqtliat Bihar : The Imarat-I-Sharian in 1940’s
Dr. B.Lakshmi Bai Speaking with Two Tongues
Prof. K. Raghavendra Rao Imagining Unimaginable Communities: The Case of Modern Karnataka
Prof. Som P. Ranchan Aurotherapy for Depression
Dr. Udaya Kumar The Autobiographical Act: A Preliminary Note on Texts and Practices
Dr. Sucheta  Mahajan India Portioned: Imperfect Ahimsa
Dr. Vir Bharat Talwar Satyarth Prakash and the Question of Rationality (Hindi)
Dr. Shekhar Pathak Understanding Uttarakhand Movement
Prof. R. Sundara Rajan Beyond the Crisis of the European Sciences: An Overview of the Project
Dr. O.C. Handa Lakhamandal: An Archeological Case Study of a Temple Village in Jaunsar-Bawer Area in Uttar Pradesh
Dr. S.K. Acharya The Transitional Numeral Communities
Dr. Kumkum Yadav Imaging Peripherial Comunities in First Person Narratives
Dr. Ushakant Mehta The Existing Schools of  Traditional Painting (Western India) in Relation with Glass Paintings
Prof. Graham Chapman The Improbability of International Stability and Harmony
Dr. Sucheta Mahajan Secular Praxis Vs Theorizing Secularism: Gandhi in Noakhali
Dr. K.K. Shah The Woman as Source of Social Identity to Man (An Epigraphic Approach)
Prof. Randhir Singh Future of Socialism
Prof. K. Raghavendra Rao Indian Patriotism: A Counter-Discourse on Nationalism from the Periphery
Dr. Rama Puri Antarctica at Cross Roads
Prof. R. Sundara Rajan Language and the Political: Towards a New Understanding
Dr. Kumkum Yadav The Middle Class and the Distant Romance: The Tribal/Non-Tribal Interface in Arun Joshi’s The Strange case of Billy Biswas and Nirmal Verma’s Raatka Reporter
Prof. Udayon Misra Situating the NSCN and ULFA: Insurgency North-East India
Prof. K.C. Rauta Consciousness, Truth and Reality
Dr. Martin Kampchen Rabindranath Tagore and Hermann Keyserling; Accomplishments and Illusions of an East-West Discourse
Dr. Tripta Wahi Agricultural Landscape: Its Nature and Dynamics-a Study of the Punjab from C. 1700-1980.
Dr. K.S. Dhillon The Police Idea
Prof. Randhir Singh Missing Dimension- Observation on a Seminar (Modern India: Terms of Discourse)
Dr. Dev Nathan Observations of a Recent Visit to China
Dr.  Sujit  Chaudhury The Bodos: Emergence and Assertion of Ethnic Identity
Dr. Saurahb Dube Poor Martyrs, Virgin Sisters, and oppressive Masters: The Evangelical Encounter in Colonial Central India
Dr. Ishita Banerjee Dube Taming Traditions: Religion and Law in Orissa
Dr. Fanindam  Deo Situating Mahima Dharama
Dr. Vijaya Ramasawamy Gendered Spirituality: A South India Perspective
Dr. Birendra Pal Singh Violence: A Dominant Term of Discourse
Dr. Sushama  Merh Ashraf Adult Education in India: Search for a Paradigm and Perspective
Prof. Y.S. Bains Editing Shakespeare for the Indian Reader
Dr. Sucheta Mahajan Gandhi’s Assassination: Martyrdom or Asura-Vadh
Dr. Jaya Mehta Plan and Market
Dr. Chetan Singh Environment, Territoriality and the State
Dr. Pankaj K. Singh Deconstruction of Legend in Contemporary Punjabi Drama
Prof. K. Raghavendra Rao Negotiating Multiple Identities Social and Political Discourse in Modern Karnatka
Prof. Randhir Singh Understanding Indian Politics : Some Theoretical Considerations
Dr. Papiya Ghosh Reinvoking  the Pakistan of the 1940: Bihar’s  ‘Stranded Pakistanees
 Prof. R.K. Kaul William Jones on Persian Poetry
Prof. T.N. Dhar Entering History Through Backdoor Tharoor’s  The Great Indian Novel
Dr. A.S. Narang Ethnicity and Polyethnic  States
Dr. Satya P. Gautam Sources and Limits of Individualism and Holisim : An analysis
Prof. J.D. Sethi Alternative Paradigms: A Rejoinder to Arun Ghosh
Shri A.K. Bhattacharjea Kashmir Tragedy
Dr. Raghurama Raju Notes on the understanding of the Political in Contemporary Indian Philosophy
Dr. Saurabh Dube Village Stories, Legal Truths: Kinship, Neighborhood, Property and Enmity in Central India
Dr. Karuna Goswamy The Kashmiri Painter: Notes on His Economic Situation
Prof. R.K. Kaul Under Western Eyes: Sakuntala, William Jones and the Orientalists
Dr. Vijaya Ramaswamy Bride, Demoness, others: Women in the Early Bhakti Movement in South India
Dr. Tripta Wahi The Land (Punjab): Its Physiognomy and Water Resources
Prof. G.S. Bhalla New Economic Policy: An Evaluation 
Prof. Y.S. Bains The Bad Quotas of Shakespeare’s  Romeo and Juliet and the Theory of Memorial Construction
Prof. Y. S. Bains Biography, Bibliography, and the making of Shakespeare’s  Hamlet
Prof. J. S. Grewal The Punjab Sufis during the Reign of Akbar
Prof. Y. S. Bains Principles and Problems in Editing Shakespeare
Dr. Harish C. Sharma Composition of the Aristocracy in the Punjab in 1840s
Prof. Randhir Singh Socialism, its crisis and Future : Some Observations
Dr.  D. R. Nagaraj Beyond the Notions of Control and Conquest: A Critique of the Theories of Colonialism in the Context of Literature
Dr. Prem Singh Revolution V.S. Revolution: The Socialist-Communist Conflict in Yaspal’s Meri, Teri,s Usaki Baat and Samaresh Vasu’s Jugjuq Jio
Shri  Nand  Kumar Art: Language and Institution
Dr. Sushma Merh Literacy Discourse- The Indian Context
Prof. K.K. Thaplyal A Guild of Gupta Period: A Historical Construct
Dr. C.K. Raju Time, Choice, Intention
Dr. Satya P. Gautam Indeterminacy and  Incompleteness of Intentional Actions
Dr. A.S. Narang Dynamics of Federalism in Canada: Development and Trends
Dr. Sankar Majumdar Development of a Planning Machinery for Village based Decentralized District Planning
Prof. K.S. Gill Dimensions of Employment Problem
Prof. R.K. Kaul Jones on Arabic Poetry
Prof. T.N. Dhar Problematizing History with Rushdie
Shri S.K. Malhotra The Methodology Question
Dr. Prem Singh The Idea of Revolution in the Novel of Agyeya
Dr. Karuna Goswamy Kashmiri Painting: The Expression of its Mature Style
Prof. K.K. Thaplyal Factors Responsible for the Emergence and Development of Guilds in Ancient India
Prof. Adapa R. Rao Krishnadevaraya’s Amuktamalyada: A Medieval Telugu  Vaishnava Poem
Shri S.S. Dhanoa The Religious World of Mahatma Gandhi
Shri K.S. Gill Policies for Full Employment by 2005
Dr. E.V. Ramakrishnan Towards a Materialistic View of Modernism in Indian Poetry with Special reference to Malayalam Marathi and Hindi
Prof. Bhabatosh Chatterjee Tagore, Darwin and Huxley: East-West Ecounter
Shri S.K. Malhotra Economic Growth: A Modified Schumpeterian Model
Dr. Roshmi Goswami On ‘Movement’ in Music
Prof. S.N. Ray Development Support Communication: Research, Policy and Planning: Need and Priorities for Rural Development in India  
Prof. T.N. Dhar Clois Cousin/Duplicious Competitor: Novel in Relation to History
Shri S.S. Dhanoa The Evolution of Religion Man
Dr. D.D. Mahulkar Introductory Courses on Panini (Based on Semiological and Linguistic Principles).
Dr. K.S. Gill The Nehruvian Pattern of Development: Content, Roots, Decline and Collapse
Shri G.S. Bal Press Coverage of Terrorist Killings
Prof. J.S. Gerwal Guru Nanak’s Mission in Western Scholarship
Prof. R.K. Kaul Orientatlism and William Jones
Prof. H.C. Bhardwaj Metallurgy of Gold in Indian Archaeology
Prof. K.S. Gill State of Employment in India on the Eve of the Ninetees
Prof. J.D. Sethi New Economic Policy
Prof. J.D. Sethi Mahatma Gandhi on Decentralization- A Model of Parallel Politics
Prof. Adapa Ramakrishna Rao Ramanjua: His Life and Philosophy
Prof. Nirmal Singh Ramakrishna Mukherjee’s Sociology: A Sociological View
Dr. P. Banerjee Avalokitesvara—The All-Sided One: A New Study
Shri Amit Kumar Mukhopadhyay Notes on Realism in Art
Prof. A.P.Srivastava Bio-Tech and Information Society
Dr. P. Banerjee Hindu Deities and Legends from Central Asia
Dr. Uma Rao Women and Equality: The Role of Education
Dr. Sajal Basu Language through Movements
Shri A.B. Mitra A Genetic Exploration of Women’s Exploitation: The Adventures of a Gadfly
Dr.G. Krishanan-Kutty Development Poles in Regional Economic Development
Prof. S.G. Tulpule The Nameless Name
Prof. L.M. Khubchandani India as a  Sociolinguistic  Area
Dr. Geeti Sen Portraiture and Allegory in Mughal Painting
Dr. M.M. Agrawal Nothingness and Freedom: Sartre and Krishnamurti
Dr. Sukrita Pual Kumar Literary Modernism and some Partition Stories in Hindi and Urdu
Prof. N.S. Dravid Death-full Existence and the Concept of Moksha
Dr. Pamela Kanwar Some Aspects of Pre-Colonial Urbanism in Himachal Pradesh
Prof. T. S. Rukmini Sankara: The Man and His Philosophly
Prof. J. D. Sethi Global Economic Crisis and its Impact on Education: A View from the South 
Dr. Anna Maria Nodzynska-Ratajczya Indo-Nepalese Economic Relation
Dr. Jaidev Culture, Pastiche, Politics
Prof. J. S. Grewal Jawaharlal Nehru on Secularization
Prof. L. M. Khubchandani Interaction Process: In the Framework of Human  Communication
Dr. Anna Maria Nodzynska-Ratajczyka India’s Experience in Economic Relations with other Developing Countries
Dr. Anvita Abbi “Semantic Unity in Linguistic Diversity”
Dr. Jaidev Feminism and the Contemporary Hindi Fiction
Dr. O.P. Joneja The Novel of Colonial Consciousness
Dr. D.D. Mahulkar Some Misconceptions in Indian Linguistic Studies: Past and Present
Prof. N.S.S. Raman Mythos and Logos: The two Poles of Religious Experience
Dr. Paulos Mar Gregorios What is Happening in Eastern Europe
Dr. Anindita N. Balslev Time, Metaphors and Encounter of Cultures
Dr. Pamela Kanwar The Indian Hill Station: A Theoretical Appraisal
Prof. N.S.S. Raman Representation of the Self as Heroic in Literature of East and the West
Dr. Uma Roa Education of Women-Context and Medium
Dr. Jaidev In Pastiche: The Novels of Mridula Garg
Prof. S.N. Ray “Communication and Rural Development in India” : The Changing Perceptions and the search for a New Public Policy
Prof. J.S. Grewal Cultural Reorientation in India Under Colonial Rule



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