Weekly Seminar

   Names Title of the Seminar


Professor Bijayananda Kar

Ethics in Indian Materialist Philosophy with Special Reference to the Indian Positivist Movement, April 19 2007

Professor Pabitra Kumar Roy

 Bhavana and Action: Buddhist Perspective in Ethics, April 26 2007

Professor S.R. Mehta

Globalization: Cultural Conquest Rather than Cooperation,May 3 2007

Professor B.S. Kumar

Some Semantic Dimensions in the Astadhyayi of Panini, May 10 2007

Professor J.C. Sharma

Passivisation in Western Pahari Languages, May17 2007

Professor Doodh Nath Singh

Sawnli Hawaon Mein Kaal Tahalata hai - Muktibodh ka Rajnaitik Lekhan aur Kavi Jeevan, May 24, 2007

Dr. G.S. Pandey

Development of Algebra at Varahmihira’s Gurukula, May 31 2007

Dr. A.P. Francis

Making of Advaita Dialectic: An Understanding of Sriharsa’s Khandanakhandakhadya and Naisadhiyacaritam, June 4 2007

Professor T.R.Sharma

Equity in Sukra and Kautilya: The Political and Socio-Cultural Dimensions, June 14 2007

Professor Tapas K. Raychoudhury

Ambivalence, Colonial Text and Tagore, June 21 2007

Dr. Laitonjam Anand Singh:

Parasitological Profile of HIV/AIDS in North East India with Special Reference to Manipur, June 28, 2007

Dr. Archana Verma

Imaging the Dancing Divinity – Iconology of the Dancing Siva in South Indian Temples, July 5 2007

Dr. Uday Kumar

Government’s Response to Multilingualism: Language Policies and Planning in India, July 12 2007

Professor Seshan Radha

Introducing Cultural Economics and the Project, July 19 2007

Dr. Indrani Chattopadyaya

Making the Silence Speak: Interpretation of Material Culture in Prehistoric Archaeology, July 26 2007

Dr. Sheoraj Singh Bechain

Hindi Dalit Sahitya ki Prishthbhumi mein Dalit Dharam: Budha, Makkhli, Raidas, Kabir aur Achutanandk ki Parampara Vimarsh, 2 August 2007

Professor Bettina Baumer

Dynamic Non-Dualism of Anuttara Trika,
9 August 2007

Dr. Ajanta Sircar

Introduction to Children’s Cinema: Psychoanalysis and the Postcolonial World, 23 August  2007

Dr.Sukhvinder Pal Singh

Traveling back to the Partition Award: Where does the needle point to?, 24 August 2007

Professor Jaiwanti Dimri

The Indian Rural Feminist Literary Discourse and the Polemics of Colonization and Decolonization, 30 August 2007

Professor Karuna Goswamy

Some Thoughts on Kulu: The Nature and Formation of a State, 6 September 2007

Professor J.S. Gandhi

Paradigm and the Context: Theory of Professions and the Macro-Indian Culture, 20 September 2007

Professor S.K. Sullerey

Water Resources and their impact on Chandella Art and Architecture, 4 October 2007

Professor Ranjit Vohra

Social Choice Theory, 11 October 2007

Professor B.S. Kumar:
Semantic Dimensions in the Astadhyayi of Panini (Notions of Sphota and Karakas), April 12, 2006
Professor C.S. Pande: Soil Degradation Processes inherent to Himalaya, April 13, 2006
Professor S.R. Mehta: Need for a Participatory Model of Development, April 20, 2006
Professor Doodh Nath Singh: Braham Rakash ki Tesari Peethi, May 4, 2006
Professor G.S. Pandey: Algebraic Models in Paitamaha Siddhanta, May 10, 2006
Professor Bettina Baumer: Language, Consciousness and the Absolute Abhinavagupta's Paratrisika Vivarana, May 11, 2006
Professor T.R. Sharma:
Of Method and Substance: The Problem of Reconstructing Sukra's Science of Politics (Sukraniti), May 25, 2006
Professor Pabitra Kumar Roy:
Ksanti - paramita, June 1, 2006
Professor Tapas K. Roy Choudhury:
Tagore and National Allegory, June 8, 2006
Dr. A.P. Francis:
Khandanakhandakhadya of Sree Harsha: An Introductory Study, June 15, 2006
Professor A.V. Afonso:
Understanding the Nature of Philosophical Reasoning, 22 June 2006
Professor Bijayananda Kar:
Some Post-epic Indian Materialists (in socio-moral perspective), July, 6, 2006
Professor S.K. Sullerey: Animals and Birds in Chandella Sculpture, July 13, 2006
Professor G.S. Pandey: Necessity of Choice, July 20, 2006
Professor Neelima Vashistha: The Initiators of Indian Modernism in Visual Arts, July 27, 2006
Professor L.P. Pandey: Science, Technology and Economic Growth, August 3, 2006
Professor Sachchidanand Sahai: Hindu Temples in South East Asia: Their Role in Social, Economics and Political Formations, August 10, 2006
Professor Pabitra Kumar Roy: Meditation and Action: Problematic Polarity: A Prthagajana's Logic (September 14, 2006)
Professor Karuna Goswamy: Narsingh/Narsingh Bir and Kulu: A Preliminary Inquiry into Cultural Processes (September 21, 2006)
Dr.  A.S. Chaudhuri:

Economics, Econometrics and Modeling in Economics, 16 November 2006

Dr. Uday Kumar:

Multilingualism Hindi and National Integration: Language Dynamics in the Age of Globalization, 23 November   2006

Professor C.S. Pande Global Warming - A Global Concern (April 15, 2005)
Professor S.R. Mehta People's Movement: Mao's Experiment in China (April 21, 2005)
Professor B.S. Kumar Semantic Dimensions of Verbal Formations (April 28, 2005)
Dr. A.P. Francis Philosophical references in the Naishadhiyacaritam (May 5, 2005)
Professor Doodh Nath Singh What is your Politics Partner? Some Poems (May 12, 2005)
Professor G.S. Pandey Foundation of the Golden Age of Mathematics in India
(May 19, 2005)
Professor Samir Kumar Datta Indian Literary Theory and Other Art Forms (May 26, 2005)
Professor T.R. Sharma Reading Sukra as a Political Text (June 2, 2005)
Professor Om Prakash Yadav
The Debate on Power, Power Relations and the Discource of Early Indian Land Grants (16 June 2005)
Professor T.K. Roy Choudhury Nineteenth Century Bengal: Some Social Cognitives (June 23, 2005)
Professor Bijaynanda Kar Materialistic Trends in the Vedas and the Upanisads (July 7, 2005)
Professor Kisor Kumar Chakrabarti Classical Problem of Induction: East and West (July 14, 2005)
Dr. K.K. Sharma The Athrvan and the Trayi (July 21, 2005)
Professor Karuna Goswamy: Embedded Meanings:
An Analysis of the Role of the Raja in the Kulu Dusehra (July 28, 2004)
Professor A.V. Afonso Understanding the Nature of Philosophical Reasoning (August 4, 2005)
Professor S.K. Sullerey Main Centres of Chandella Art and Architecture and their Natural Surroundings (August 11, 2005)
Professor Bettina Baumer Anuttaraprakriya: Introducing Abhinavagupta's Paratrisika-Vivarana (August 18, 2005)
Professor Pabitra Kumar Roy Ethics of Compassion of the Bodhicaryavatara (August 25, 2005)
Professor Neelima Vashishtha Transformation from Tradition to Modern: A Case Study of Nanda Lal Bose (September 1, 2005)
Professor Navjyoti Singh Towards a Formal Theory of Society (September 8, 2005)
Professor L.P. Pandey Agrarian Science and Technology during the Later Rigvedic Period (September 15, 2005)
Professor Sachchidanand Sahai Sivapada in Indian and South East Asian Discourse of Place-making (September 22, 2005)
Professor S.C. Pande Treatment of Vyanjana and Dhvani is Sanskrit Poetics (September 29, 2005)
Professor S.N Dube

Development of Buddhist Apotheosis (6 October, 2005)

Professor Anu Kapur
Vulnerable India: A Geographical Study of Disasters
(October 20, 2005)
Dr. Ratna Lahiri
Philliphines Ramkatha Ke Addhyan Ki Samsyain
(October 27, 2005)
Professor K.K. Sharma An Introduction to the Savayojnaa of Atharva Veda
Professor L.P. Pandey Philosophy of History Found in the Works of Kalidasa
Professor Mita Biswas The Poet As a Seer: A Note on Vivekananda's Poetry
Dr. Neelima Vashishtha The Autobiography of Abanindranath Tagore with Special Reference to His Personality and Works of Art
Professor Pradip Lahiri Theatre: People Performance
Professor G.S. Kushwaha Towards an Asian Economic Union: Feasibility and Prospects
Dr. Usha Bande Writing a Voice, Re-presenting Protest: An Analysis of Bapsi Sidhwa's Ice-Candy Man
Professor Purushottam Singh Archaeology of the Middle Ganga Plain: The Chalcolithic Phase
Professor R.N. Misra Locating Artist in Early Indian Art History
Professor Sachchidanand Sahai Temple as a Text: A Case Study of the Bayon
Dr. Navjyoti Singh Idea of Punctuator and Ontology
Professor S.C. Pande Sanskrit Kavyashastra mein Pratipadita Sabdasakti Laksana
Professor D.P. Chattopadhyaya In Search of the Roots of Religion, Dharma: Linguistic and Social Routes
Professor Sushil Kumar A Euro-American Narrative of World Affairs
Professor G.C. Pande Bhagirathi as Heritage Carrier
Professor Sibesh Bhattacharya Looking Towards Past
Professor Vinod Anand Quantitative Economics And Its Constraints: Some Reflections
Dr. Usha Bande Resisting Middle Class- - Shobha De Style
Shri K.N. Kapoor: Criminal Justice System and Philosophy of Prison - Related Issues
Professor G.C. Nayak Buddhist anatma with special reference to Nirvana as kalpanaksaya in Candrakirti's Prasannapada
Dr. C.V. R. Rao Palkuriki Somanatha's Portrayal of the Personality of Basavesvara (12th Century A.D.), The Founder-Prophet of Virasaivism
Professor R.N. Misra Silpa's 'Rights' of Passage in Tradition
Professor V.S. Bhatnagar Two Notes Concerning the Nath Sect.
Professor S.N. Dube Development of Sramanic Tradition
Professor S.C. Pande Rassiddhant Aur Uski Moolbhut Samasayen
Professor T.S. Rukmani An Approach to Morality: A Case for Value Ethics in the Early Upanisads
Professor Purushottam Singh From Foraging to Farming in the Middle Ganga Plain
Professor S.C. Bhattacharya History in Early India : Some Related Issues
Dr. G.S. Kushwaha Tariff Negotiations, and SAARC's Transformation From SAPTA to SAFTA
Professor P.K. Mukhopadhyaya On Some Issues Relating to Pramanaya
Dr. Ratna Lahiri Maranaon Ramkathyen: Bhartiy Sandhrabh
Professor Sushil Kumar Politics of Rights vs. Politics of Common Good
Professor Mita Biswas Search for Self in Contemporary Indian Poetry: A Study of Selected Poems of Kamala Das and Jayanta Mahapatra
Professor L.P. Pandey Mahakavi Kalidas Ka Ithas Lakhen
Professor R.N. Misra Life and Works of Ananda K Coomarswamy in Retrospect
Professor Neelima Vashishtha Resurgence of Bengal School of Painting
Professor Sachchidanand Sahai Space and Social Theory
Professor D.P. Chattopadhyaya Globalization: A Conceptual and Historical Review
Professor P.K. Mukhopadhyaya On Changing Perceptions of Indian Culture
Professor Vinod Anand Economics: A Way Of Life
Dr. Ram Kamal Rai Agyey aur swadinta ki parikalpna
Dr. Usha Bande Aspects of Resistance - A Study of A Matter of Time
Professor D.N. Tripathi Hellenism and Hinduism: Some Aspects
Professor Sushil Kumar The Right and the Good: Ontology, Politics and International Relations
Dr. Sudha Vasan Living with Diversity: Forestry Institutions in the Western Himalayayas
Professor C.V. Ramachndra Rao The Unique Role of Palkuriki Propagation of Virashaivism
Dr. Motilal Lidhoo The Kashmir Predicament -- its overall Ramifications
Professor V.K. Vashishtha Quit India Movement in the Dungarpur
Dr. Devendra Handa Gone into Oblivion Gujjar Kheri-Presentation)
Sh Gobind Thakural End of the News Is Media the Mirror to the World?
Professor G.C.Nayak Concept of Freedom(Moksa & Nirvana) in Indian Thought: An Introduction to study of Nirvana in Candrakirti's Prasannapada
Professor K.P.Nautiyal Ancient Vedic Sarcrifice:Archaeological Evidence and Interpretation of Agnicayana Altar from Yamuna Valley in Uttaranchal
Dr.Motilal Lidhoo Kashmir Insurgency- Challenge to Indian Secularisim
Shri K.N.Kapoor Priorities in Prison Reforms in India
Shri Lalit Kumar Barua Education and Culture in India: Ancient to Modern: An Overview
Professor Pradip Lahiri Indian Performing Art-Theatre-Contemporary Vis-à-vis Traditional
Dr. S.K. Raina Ramkatha As retold in Kashmiri Ramayana Ramavtarcharit
Professor V.K. Vashishtha Mahatma Gandhi's Response to E 1921-22
Dr. Sunder Sarukkai Philosophy of Symmetry
Dr. Motilal Lidhoo Kashmir Issue a Mountbatten and Nehru Legacy
Professor Nirbahi Singh Hermeneutics of Sikh Scriptures and Tradition
Dr. Ram Kamal Rai Manviya Samvedna aur Kavya agay ki bhumi
Sh. Lalit K. Barua Cultural Transitions in Eastern-India:Bengal and Assam
Professor Shashi Joshi Caste and Conversion: the Missionary Experience
Dr. Devendra Handa The Stones Speak: Vaikuntha from Haryana
Dr. K.N. Kappor Information access and Eradication of Corruption
Shri C.D. Tripathi Metal Sculpture of Early Assam: The Narakasure Bronzes (Illustrated Talk)
Professor S.C. Bhattacharya The Lack of Sense of History in Early India: Some Issues
Professor Pradip Lahiri Indian Theatre: A Profile
Dr. Sudha Vasan Ethnography of the forest guard: contrasting discourses, conflicting roles and policy implementation
Professor L.P.Singh Philosophical Basis of the Buddhist Tantra
Professor D.N. Tripathi Indian and Western Asian Cultural Contacts
Sh. Gobind Thukral Media and Violence