Weekly Seminar

While Fellows of the Institute are primarily engaged in their own research on themes approved by the Institute, to further interdisciplinary dialogue there is also considerable formal and informal interaction among them. From April to November, the Fellows' Weekly Seminar is the primary forum for formal interaction.


Title of the Seminar


Professor Vir Bharat Talwar

Italvi Renessan mein Manavvaad aur Attet Ki Khoj, 27 November 2008

Dr. Manas Ray

 Performing the Past, Imagining the Future: Towards a Possible Belonging, 30 October 2008

Dr. Kanchana C.V. Natarajan

 “Vedanta Ammanai” – Oral as Discursive Resource for Advaitic Textual Tradition, 23 October 2008

Dr. Gail Omvedt

The Great Globalization Debate,16 October 2008

Dr. Gangeya Mukherji

Exploring Bankim Chandra and Vivekananda as Precursors of Reconciliation: Ideational Implication of such an Attempt, 24 September 2008

Dr. Lata Singh

Actresses Question in Public Theatre during Colonial period: Bengal, Maharashtra,16 September 2008

Dr. Vasanthi Raman

Banaras Weavers at the Cross Roads, 11 September 2008

Dr. Joseph Bara

Fractured Forays in Popular Education in Modern India, 4 September 2008

Dr. Guru Rao Bapat

Re-Scribing Tradition Tulu Yakshagana: Politics and Identity, 28 August 2008

Shri Mohan Dass Namishray

Dalit Sahitya Ki Awadharana Mein Theatre, 21 August 2008

Dr. B.D. Sharma

Plants support to Human Life and Wellbeing of People in the Himalayas, 14 August 2008

Dr. Balkrishan Shivram

(Re-) Reading kinship: Islamic perspectives on milk relations, 7 August 2008

Shri Braj Ranjan Mani

The Social Context of a Cultural Reconstruction: Pre- Ambedkar Emergence of Engaged Buddhism, 24 July 2008

Professor Jaiwanti Dimri

Shifting Locales, Familiar Faces: Critiquing  Widowhood in Indira Goswami’s The Saga of South Kamrupa & Maitreiyi Pushpa’s Idannamam, 17 July 2008

Professor J.C. Sharma

Some Salient Features of Western Pahari   Languages, 10 July 2008

Professor J.S. Gandhi

Lawyers and Judges, Policemen and the Commoners: A Macro Sociological Profile of their Changing Orientations, 3 July 2008

Dr. Ajanta Sircar

The Category of Children’s Cinema in India: Introduction to Melanie Klein, 19 June 2008

Dr. L. Anand Singh

Parasitic diarrhoea in HIV/AIDS: Aetiologic agent, Distributional pattern and Preventive Measures (with particular reference to Manipur),5 June 2008

Dr. Seshan Radha

The Khasas of Himachal Pradesh: An outline of their History, 2 June 2008

Dr. Sheoraj Singh Bechain

Hindi Dalit Kavita: Guru Radas, Swami Achhuta Nand, Behari Lal Harit ki parampara mein ,22 May 2008

Dr. Indrani Chattopadhyaya

Between the visible and the invisible: Decoding material culture, 15 May 2008

Shri Sukhvinder Pal Singh

The Business of Bonhomie: Civilian Discourse Between People of India & Pakistan vis-à-vis Trade Potential, 8 May 2008

Dr. Archana Verma


Negotiations with the Divine: Visual and Verbal Iconography of Sacrifice in Early Historical and Early Mediaeval South India, 2 May 2008

Dr. Uday Kumar

Multilingualism, Cultural Identity and National Development Dynamics of the North Eastern Region of India, 24 April 2008