Weekly Seminar

While Fellows of the Institute are primarily engaged in their own research on themes approved by the Institute, to further interdisciplinary dialogue there is also considerable formal and informal interaction among them. From April to November, the Fellows' Weekly Seminar is the primary forum for formal interaction.

Names Title of the Seminar
Sh A. N. Sarkar Translating the Annadamangal, 7 June 2012.
Dr.Veena Sharma Ethical Values in African Traditional Religion and Their Transmission, 14 June 2012.
Dr. Kavita Panjabi Ektu Phyan De Ma' –'Mother Give Me Some Rice Water': The 'Man-Made' Famine and Women’s Responses to Hunger, 21 June 2012
Professor G.C. Tripathi Ascetic Tradition of India and its Western Ramification, 28 June 2012.
Dr. Gangeya Mukherji Philosophy of Integration and Reconciliation: A Study of the Political Thought, its Context, and the Form of its Presentation, in Gandhi and Tagore, 25 March 2010.
Professor Satish C. Aikant Postcolonial Indian Literature: Toward a Critical Framework, 1 Apirl 2010.
Professor B.V. Nemade
Non-linguistic and Linguistic, Oral and Written,
Dr. Kanchana Natarajan Translation and Study of Avudai Akka’s Songs: An Examination of Religious and Philosophical Views of the 18th Century Woman sage of Tamil Nadu, 15 April 2010.
Dr. Saitya Brata Das The Coming Time the Ethics of Redemption and the Promise of Time, 6 May 2010.
Dr. Smarika Nawani Institutions of Maritime Empire: The Portuguese in Coastal Southeast India and Ceylon in 16th and 17th Centuries, 13 May 2010.
Professor Virbharat Talwar Maharashtriya Navjagaran Mein Nirantarta , 3 June 2010.
Professor Shreesh Chaudhary One Grammar or Many Grammars, 17 June 2010.
Professor Sanjay Palshikar Asuras across Centuries, 24 June 2010.
Professor A. R. Vasavi Suicides and the Predicament of Rural India, 1 July 2010.
Dr. Mohinder Singh Religion of Filling the Belly': Ascendancy of the Economic in Hindi Vernacular (1870-1908), 8 July 2010.
Dr. Ranjeeta Dutta The Making of a Canon: Ramanuja in the Srivaisnava textual tradition (11th to 13th century AD), 22 July 2010.
Dr. Saroj Thakur Finding a Voice Re-inscription of Hidimba in Contemporary Indian Literature, Tribal Literature and Folk Tales, 29 July 2010.
Professor Raj Kumar Hans History of Dalit Literary Movement in the Punjab and its Marginalization in the Historiographical Praxis, 5 August 2010.
Dr. Pramod Kumar Discourse of Nationalism and Novel (with special reference to ‘Gora’ and ‘Rangbhumi, 12 August 2010
Dr. Shashi Joshi Religious Crossing and Boundaries: Gandhi, Dinabandhu Andrews and Din Sevek Elwin, 19 August 2010
Dr. Veena Sharma The Concept of God and Modes of Knowledge Transmission in the Akan Spiritual Tradition and Advaita Vedanta: A Comparative Study, 25 August 2010.
Dr. P.Narayanan Changing Face of Medieval Temple Tripunithura: A Case Study, 26 August 2010
Dr. Vijaya Singh Trains in the early Cinematic Imagination of India, 9 September 2010.
Professor Rita Kothari
Meghwals of Banni: Narratives of untouchability, aspirations and entrepreneurship, 16 September 2010
Dr. Soumyabrata Choudhury Theater, Number, Event: Three Studies on the Relationship between Sovereignty, Power and Truth, 23 September 2010.
Dr. Dhananjay Singh Pravasi Shram Itihas Maukhik Dastavej: Bhojpuri Loksahitya, 30 September 2010.
Dr. Queeny Pradhan Singh Developing the Hill: A Comparative Perspective in the Study of Simla, Darjeeling, Ootacamund and Mount Abu (Nineteenth and Twentieth Century), 30 September 2010.
Dr. Jaya Tyagi Contestation and Compliance: A socio historical study of religious observances, rites and rituals performed by women (from the Early Historic to 1200 C.E.), 30 September 2010.


Dr. Sanjay Palshikar  The Devas and the Asuras: Interpretative Adventures of Indian Nationalism, 3 December 2009
Dr. Arjun Ghosh Not in My Name : Who Benefits from Copyright ?, 5 November 2009
Professor Ichhimuddin Sarkar The Demand for a Separate State as an Identity and Existence (A Study on the Movement for the Greater Coochbehar State in North Bengal), 12 November 2009
Professor Shashi Joshi Verrier Elwin and Gandhi, 19 November 2009
Professor P. Narayanan From Temple - State's Temple Secularization of the State in Medieval Kerala, 26 November 2009
Dr. Saroj Thakur Enigmatic Hidimba, 1 October 2009
Professor C.M. Naim Interrogating “The East”,“Culture” and “Nostalgia” in Abdul Halim Sharar’s “Lucknow of the Past, 8 October 2009
Dr. Pramod Kumar Tagore ke Rajnitik Upannyas: Bharat ke Yatharth path ki Sandhan Yatra, 15 October 2009
Professor S.C. Chaudhary Levels of Code Mixing, 29 October 2009
Dr. Kanchan C.V. Natrajan Translations of Songs of Avudai Akka, 3 September 2009
Dr. Saitya Brata Das The Open, 10 September 2009
Dr. Smarika Nawani Across the Strait: Facets of Portuguese Presence in South-Eastern India and Ceylon in 16th -17th Centuries, 17 September 2009
Smt. Ranjeeta Dutta The Biographical Process of A Saint: Ramanuja, Hagiographies and the Srivaisnava Community, 24 September 2009
Dr. Raj Kumar Hans Literary Creativity of Punjabi Dalits and its Exclusion from the Historiographical Praxis, 6 August 2009
A Group Discussion History and Memory, 20 August 2009
Professor Vir Bharat Talwar Naam Mein Kya Rakha Hai” Navjagran, Renesaan aur British Oritentilism: Ek Prarambhik Vichar, 27 August 2009
Professor D.L.Sheth Problematizing Exclusion: Issues of Theory and Policy, 28 August 2009
Professor Tridip Suhrud Reading Hind Swaraj in two Languages, 2 July 2009
Dr. Manas Ray Talal Asad and the Critique of Liberal Secularism, 9 July 2009
Dr. Gangeya Mukherji Tagore and Revolutionary Violence: Why the Sanction to "burn" is not given, 16 July 2009
Sh. Mohan Dass Namishray Hindi aur Marathi Dalit Rang Manch, 23 July 2009
Dr. Balkrishan Shivram Fostering Fealty: Kinship and Clientage, 30 July 2009
Dr. B.D.Sharma Traditional Wisdom of Plants consumed by Man as subsidiary food in the Himalayas, 4 June 2009
Dr. Sheoraj Singh Hindi Dalit Sahitya Ka Samajik Pacshh: Vishesh Sandharbh Tatkalin Dalit Sahitya, 11 June 2009
Dr. Joseph Bara, Poltical Praxis of Gandhian 'Basic' Education and Post-Colonial Ripples, 1904-1964, 18 June 2009
Dr. Lata Singh Women in Popular Theatre: Nautanki and Tamasha, 25 June 2009
Professor Bhalchandra Nemade The Language of Literature, 7 May 2009
Professor L.A. Anand Molecular Epidemiology of Parasitics in HIV/AIDS Patients of North East India, 14 May 2009
Dr. Ajanta Sircar Revisiting the CFSI: Santosh Sivan's Malli (1998), 21 May 2009
Professor Satish C. Aikant Postcolonial Theory: Promise and Performance, 9 April 2009
Professor Peter Ronald deSouza The Artist, Obscenity and Freedom of Expression, 23 April 2009
 Dr. Mohinder Singh Conceptualization of the Social in Colonial North India: A Conceptual Historical Analysis of Hindi Vernacular Discourse, 30 April 2009