Name of Associates

Topic of their Seminars

April 2008
Dr. Asima Ranjan Parhi Recovering, Reshaping and Recreating the Queen's Tongue: Emergent India, New English and the Print Media (April 21, 2008)
Shri Piyas Chakrabarti Early ModernEnglish Theatre and Identity Construction (April 21, 2008)
Dr. Sunand Kumar Sinha The Fiction of Ruth Prawer Jhabvala: A Feminist Perspective(April 22, 2008)
Dr. Ganesha U.H Postmodernism and the Critique of Modernity: Anathamurthy’s Short Stories Akkayya and Stallion of the Sun (April 22, 2008)
Dr. Ishwar Chand Bhartiya Sanskriti Mein Bhakti ki Abdharna: Ek Darshanik Abhinav (April 23, 2008)
Dr. P.N. Mishra Pauranic Prayag: Jain Vangmaya ke Visesh Sandarbh Mein (April 23, 2008)
Dr.R.P.Chakraborty Fuzzy Set Theory and Social Science Research (April 24, 2008)
May 2008
Professor M. Nalini ‘‘Women's Empowerment?’ An all women Panchayat in A.P (21 May 2008)
Dr. Smita Das Between Scholar and Stone (21 May 2008)
Dr. Suraj Paliwal Swadhin Bharat mein Jativad ke Samajik aur Rajnitik karan aur Hindi Upnyas  (22 May 2008)
Dr. Mukesh Kumar Immobilising the Mobilised: Labour in the tea plantation of India- (1865-1926) (23 May 2008)
Dr. Pawan Kumar Banking in India and impact of reforms (23 May 2008)
Dr. Gautam Banerjee Globalization and its effect on languages(27 May 2008)
Dr. PankajChaturvedi Vinod Kumar Shukla ki Kavita  (27 May 2008)
June 2008
Dr. Pranav Sharma Vishwa astha ka apratim Granth: Shrimad Bhagwadgita (13 June 2008)
Dr. Balbir Singh Morals of Women and Women of High Morale: A feminist perspective on Philip Roth’s ‘When she was Good’ (25 June 2008)
Dr. Lakshmi Bhatia The Middle class in India’s North-East (with special reference to Mizoram)
(25 June 2008)
Dr. Pooja Talikoti Nutrition and HIV/AIDS: An urgent Challenge (26 June 2008)
Dr. Reena Sahay Ragas and Raginis of Hindustani (Classical) music during Medieval period (26 June 2008)
Dr. R. Vijay  Peasant Migration and Agrarian Transformatio(27 June 2008)
Dr. Savita Goel Encounter with Tradition and Performance in the Theatre of Girish Karnad (27 June 2008)
Dr. Mary Parmar Anders Chydenius: The Father of Freedom of Information and the First Freedom of Information Statute (28 June 2008)
July 2008
Professor Umesh Bagade Ambedkar’s Historical Method: A non-Brahmanic Critique of Positivist History (28 July 2008)
Dr. Ramesh Kumar Governors in India: A Critical Study (28 July 2008)
Dr. Amar Nath Thakur Feudal Formation in Mithila (29 July 2008)
August 2008
Dr. Rajendra Singh Negi Institutional Finance in Garhwal District: with special reference to Pauri Block (18 August 2008)
Dr. V. Muraleedharan Nair State Terrorism on People’s Movements: Politics of Governance in India (19 August 2008)
September 2008
Dr. Umesh Kumar Mithila Lokchitra ki Saanskritik Pristhbhoomi (22 September 2008)
Dr. J.S. Dubey Osho ki Tarkana Paditi (22 September 2008)
Dr. Jaya Kapoor Trauma of Partition in Indian Literature in English with Special Reference to ‘Train to Pakistan’ and ‘Midnight Children’ (23 September 2008)
Dr. Priti Sagar Balya Katha Sahitya aur Mahabhartiya Aakhyan (23 September 2008)
Professor S.S. Negi Dola-Palaki Movement: Struggle for Social Justice in Uttarakhand (24 September 2008)
Dr. G.K. Singh Human Rights and Judicial Activism in India   (24 September 2008)
Dr. Margret Zama Emerging Literatures of the North-East Mizo Literature (29 September 2008)
Dr. Ramesh Chand Meena ‘Sahrana’ ke Sahriya (29 September 2008)
Dr. R.S. Shahi Need of Value Education & Implementation Strategies (30 September 2008)
Dr. Arvind Singh Myths and Realities of Globalisation: An Assessment (30 September 2008)
October 2008
Dr. S.M. Haldhar Buddhism Today: A Religion of Rationality(14 October 2008)
Dr. Sheila Srivastava Disaster Management in the Himalayan Region-Floods (14 October 2008)
Dr. M.S. Manjunath Consumerism in India (14 October 2008)
Dr. Hari Simran Kaur Wit and Humour in Stories of Munshi Premchand (15 October 2008)
Dr. Amrit Sen Indian Travel Writers & their Translators/Editors: 1784-1857 (15 October 2008)
Dr. Jaideep Sarangi Medieval Mysticism: Early Makers of Indian English Poetry (15 October 2008)
Ms. Sonali Agarwal The Muslim in the Post-9/11 World: Recent South Asian Cinematic Representations (17 October 2008)
Dr. Nandan Nawan Varieties of Environmentalism: ours, their, yours, mine (17 October 2008)
Dr. R. Ramachandran Mass Media and Gender (18 October 2008)
Dr. R. Nalini Emotional Violence (18 October 2008)
Dr. Preeti Sharma Mahabalipuram Relief: Forms and Symbols (22 October 2008)
Dr. Aparna Joshi Women Work and Motherhood Ideology (22 October 2008)
Prof. Sabita Pradhan A Study of Oriya Ono-Words (22 October 2008)
Dr. Raman Prasad Sinha Chitrith Ramchritmanas ki Pramprayain (23 October 2008)
Dr.Nripendra Kr.Shrivastava Patna Kalam - Representation of Indian and European Culture in the 18th and 19th Century (24 October 2008)
Dr. Ram Kripal Rai Bhojpuri Lok Sahitya ka Sanskritik Paksh (24 October 2008)
Dr. Digvijai Nath Pandey Human Rights from the Perspective of Child Labour in India (24 October 2008)
Dr. Sudhir Wadekar Dalit Movement in Maharashtra (24 October 2008)
Dr. Punyatoya Patra Communal Forest Management in India: An Overview (25 October 2008)
Prof. Manoranjan Pradhan Impact of Buddhism on Oriya Literature (25 October 2008)
Dr. Malikarjun Patil Mirabai’s Poetry (25 October 2008)
November 2008
Dr. Dilip Chavan Standardization of Marathi Under Colonialism: Strategies of Caste-Class Hegemony (21 November 2008)
Dr. Ram Shankar Singh Contesting Derrida: An Examination of Habermas’s Concept of Deconstruction (21 November 2008)
Dr. Madihur Rehman In Pursuit of the Lying Truth: A Brief Assessment of Lacanian Theory (21 November 2008)
Dr. Imtiyaz Ahmad Hope and Resistance in Shahryar’s Poetry (22 November 2008)
Dr.Pratip Kumar Mishra Culture as a Process in Tribal Development: Orissa
Dr. Lohitakshya Joshi Tradition Vrs Change: A Study of Chinua Achebe; Things Fall Apart and Gopinath Mohanty’s Paraja (22 November 2008)
Dr. Vandana Shahi Tulsidas Ke Ram Ki Dinbandhuta Aur Vishwa Bandhutav
(22 November 2008)
Professor T.D.S. Alok Electronic Media in Hindi (24 November 2008)
Dr.Vishwambhar Prasad Land Use Land Cover Change in Uttarakhand Himalayas: Assessment and Mapping (24 November 2008)
Dr. Ruchi Ramesh Divorce and Remarriage: A Study of Changing Customs of Himachal Pradesh (24 November 2008)
Dr.Raghuvansh Mani History and Narrative: An Analysis of the Post Modern Condition (24 November 2008)
Dr. D.D. Sharma Remote Sensing Technology and its Growing Domain (25 November 2008)
Dr. S.P. Behera Position of Women in Medieval India (25 November 2008)
Dr. Haresh Mehta Rehabilitation and Resettlement Policy of Govt. of Gujarat for PAF’s of SSP and Status of Gender Aspect
(25 November 2008)
Dr. K.K. Vishwakarma The Woman in Postcolonial Indian English Literature: A Study of Kamala Markandaya’s Select Novels (25 November 2008)
Dr. Manjeet Bhatia Domestic Violence: A Study with Special Reference to Protection for Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005 (26 November 2008)
Dr. Anju Bala Simulating through Images of Difficult Daughter: Emergence of New Woman (26 November 2008)
Dr. Ambalika Sood Inter-action between Musical Modesand Creative Minds (26 November 2008)
Dr. Arun Kumar Gupta A Study of the Effects of Yogic Practices on Certain Psychological Problems (26 November 2008)
Dr. Harish Thakur Inter-Regional Tensions in J & K : A Study of Laddakh Region (26 November 2008)
Dr. Rekha Sharma Contemporary African Reality and Vision in Ayi Kwei Selective Fiction (26 November 2008)