Name of Associates

Topic of their Seminars

June 2009
Dr. B. K. Choudhary Development, Poverty & Social Exclusion: A Regional Perspective (19 June 2009)
Dr. J. S Dubey Osho ki Tarkana Padhti (22 June 2009)
July 2009

Dr. Anil Kumar

Bhagwan Budh ka Nitiparak Updesh ek Rahasya (22 July 2009)

Dr. Saraswati V Kupwade

Humanistic Concerns in Post Independence Novel: An Analysis (22 July 2009)
Dr. Awanish Rai Politicizing the Historical: Girish Karnad’s Tale’Danda, and the Contemporary Past
(22 July 2009)
Dr. Munmun Majumdar Spratly conflict in the South China Sea (22 July 2009)
Dr. K K Verma Angora Rabbit Rearing for the Economic Development of Uttranchal (23 July 2009)
Dr. Siddhartha Shankar Ahinsa Ki Sanskriti Vividh Abhivakatiyan (23 July 2009)
Dr. D.D Sharma Theory and Practice of Disaster Management (23 July 2009)
October 2009

Dr. Udai Bhan Singh   

Indian Youth amidst Challenges of New Millennium (21 October 2009)

Dr. Harish Mehta   

Our Folk Music: Special Reference to Gujarat (21 October 2009)

Dr. Amod Rai

Indianising Literary Criticism (22 October 2009)

Dr. Mohd. Yamin    

Discourse on Mughal Revenue Administration in Orissa (22 October 2009)

Dr. Jayanti Mohanti Glimpse of Islamic impression on Oriya Language (22 October 2009)
Dr. Sunil Yadav Stress Intensity Factors with Different Modes for Inclined Shallow Semi-Circular Surface Cracks (26 October 2009)
Dr. Anil Kumar Singh Multidimensionality of Pindaries: A Socio-Historical Study (26 October 2009)