1-3 March 2012 Seminar on The Nature of Reality: The Perennial Debate
16 to 18 March 2012 Seminar on Ethnic Politics, Democracy and Regional Political Parties in North-East India
3-4 April 2012 Seminar on Gay Sub-Cultures and Literatures: The Indian Projections
9-11 April 2012 Seminar on Religion, Violence and Language
10 April 2012 16th Dr.Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Memorial Lecture on Cosmic Perspectives on Human Existence
19-20 April 2012 Workshop on Keywords: Towards a Conceptual Lexicon for India in the 21st Century
23-25 April 2012 Workshop on The Oral History & Eco-Cultural Mapping Project
8-10 May 2012 Workshop on The Nation Unbound: India in the 1940s
13-14 June 2012 Colloquium on The Right to Education Bill and the Supreme Court Verdict
20-21 June 2012 International Conference on Law and Democracy in India
25 June 2012 17th Dr. Sarvepalli Radhkrishnan Memorial Lecture on Growing up as a Writer in a  Regional Indian Language
13-14 July 2012 Workshop on The Theory Question in Indian Sociology
3-5 August 2012 11th International Conference on Early Modern Literatures in North India
28-30 August 2012 Seminar on Equality, Justice and Human Rights – A Minority Perspective
4-6 September 2012 Seminar on Reflection on Emotions in Indian Thought-Systems
17 - 30 September 2012 Summer School on Exploring Agency in the Mahabharata: Ethical, Political andDharmic
10-11 October 2012 Seminar on Borders and Boundaries in International Relations: Barriers, Buffers, Bridges, Breaches and Bazaars
16-18 October 2012 Seminar on Hindi Cinema @ 100: A Retrospective
31-1 November 2012 Seminar on Recovering the Oral Histories of North-Eastern India
5-6 November 2012 Seminar on Transforming Bihar: Challenges and Innovations
19-20 November 2012  Seminar on Dalit Movements and Violence: An Analytical-Critical Approach
26-27 November 2012 Seminar on Concepts,Theories and Practices: The Changing Relationship between Science, State and Society
1-15 December 2012 Winter School on Life and Thought of Gandhi
22-23 January 2010 Seminar on Issues In Resource Conflicts In Eastern India
12-13 February 2010 New Issues in Studies in Forced Migration, at Guwahati
22 February-4 March 2010 Winter School on Community, Tribes and Modernity
4-6 March 2010 Critical Studies in Politics
16-18 March 2010 Seminar on Society and Literature: Interdisciplinary Transactions, in Collaboration with ICSSR, NERC, Shillong at Shillong
22-23 March 2010 Seminar on Democracy, Identity and Group Rights
14-28 April 2010 Spring School on Mahabharata
18-20 May 2010 Conference on History and Memory
1-5 June 2010 Study Week on Exploring Gender, Redefining the Field: Feminist Journeys in the Social Sciences, Humanities and the Arts
2-12 July 2010 Study Week on Indian Logic and Epistemology
19- 25 July 2010 Study Week on 'Dalit Challenges and Disciplinary Practices
9-14 August 2010 Painting Workshop: Artists at IIAS
20- 21 August 2010 Conference on Utpaladeva, Philosopher of Recognition
24 September 2010 A Round table on Social Inquiry Today: The Challenge of Description and Change At Hyderabad
27- 28 September 2010 Seminar on Modernity and Changing Social Fabric of Punjab and Haryana
1- 15 December 2009 Life And Thought of Gandhi
16- 20 December 2009 Data to Theory Approach at the LHC
16-17 November 2009 Politics of ‘Boundary Maintenance: Inclusion-Exclusion Dynamics in North East India
3-7 October 2009 Shakespere and the Art of Lying
9-13 October 2009 Philosophy in Colonial India
23- 25 October 2009 Celebrating Seminar
30-31 October 2009 Workshop on Unique Identification Project and its Implications
5 September 2009 The Muslim League in Barabanki: A Sentimental Suite of Three Scenes
7 September 2009 A Discussion on Jaswant Singh's Book Jinnah: India- Partition Independence
7-11 September 2009 Traning Programme on Library Automation and Networking (IRTPLA)
23- 29 September 2009 A Study Week on Hindi Ksheter: Aadhunik Sandarbh
18 August 2009 Workshop on Treating Diversity: Traditional Medicine in Contemporary India
2-3 July 2009 Workshop on Narrating and Translating Women's Cultural Heritage in Chamba Region of Himachal Pradesh
14- 15 July 2009 International Conference on 50 Years of Indian Television: Contemporary Issues
20 July 2009 Making Sense of Gujarat
15- 27 June 2009 Summer School on Research Methodology: Analyzing Quantitative Data on Indian Politics
24-26 June 2009 Thinking Democracy
16-19 May 2009 Commemorating Hind Swaraj
22-23 May 2009 Customary Governance and Democracy-Building Exploring the Linkages (Expert Consultation Meeting)
26-31 May 2009 Workshop on Miniature Paintings
25-26 April 2009 Charting the Future of the Classics in India
23-25 April 2009 Violence in the Home
15-18 April 2009 Cultural Flows Across the Western Himalaya
31 March-1 April 2009 The Construction of the Idea of Evil
20-23 March 2009
Workshop on National Integration and Identity Violence
10-11 March 2009 The Dynamics of Culture, Society and Identity: Emerging Literature from North-East India
30 December-10 January 2009 Winter School on: Classroom Introduction to Philosophy: Understanding the Nature of Reality, Knowledge and Value



13-14 December 2008 Violence and the Performing Arts
21-22 November 2008
Cultures of Governance and Resolution of Conflicts
15-19 November 2008
7th Meeting of Field Theoretic Aspects of Gravitations
1-14 November 2008 Autumn School on “The Oral as Resource”
20-22 October 2008
Exploring Non Violence
12-17 October 2008
Writing the Future Celebrating New Writing from the Asia-Pacific
25-26 September 2008
Dalit Sahitya ki Avdharana Mein Rangmanch
18-20 September 2008
Special Economic Zones: Economic and Social Perspective
16-29 June 2008
Summer School on “Research Methodology Analyzing Quantitative data on Indian Politics”
15-21 June 2008
Workshop on “Artist at IIAS”
29-30 May 2008
Flattening Diversity: Educational Planning in India
7-9 May 2008
Diversities in the Indian Diaspora: Nature, Implications and Responses
1-2 May 2008
One-day Meeting on “Tocqueville Project”
28-30 April 2008
Philosophy as Samvad and Swaraj
19-20 April 2008
Recognizing Himalayan Diversity
3-4 April 2008
Representing Diversity: Ideas and Institutions

15-16 March 2008

Treating Diversity: Traditional Medicines in Contemporary India

7-8 March 2008 

Celebrating Diversity: Foods and Flavours

29 February- 2 March 2008

Troubled Diversity: The Political Process in the north east

8-9 February 2008

Managing Diversity: Electoral System and  Process in India

30 January 2008    

One-day Meeting to Commemorate 60th D