Visiting Scholars

Name of Visiting Scholars

Topic of Lectures

Dr. Vinod Raina Critical Pedagogy and Constructivism
Professor Lynn Mario T. Menezes De Souza Language as Continuum: Mother Tongue and Literacy Issues in Language Policy
Professor Sadanand Menon Time and Work of Chandralekha in Contemporary Choreography
Professor Richard Allen The Sound of the Birds
Professor Isabelle Frank The Challenges of Continuing Education in the US Today
Professor Purushottama Bilimoria Disenchantments of Secularism: The West and India
Professor Manjit Singh Development of Disaster: A Case of Punjab
Professor Kunal Chakrabarti History in the Proper Sense of the Term: Rabindranath Tagore’s Reflections on India’s Past
Professor Surendra Munshi The Satanic Verses: An Alternative Reading
Shri Avinash Jha The Lokavidya Standpoint on Knowledge: Towards a Philosophical/Political Reading of the Information Age
Professor Rosie Thomas On Booted Females Flogging Gangsters: Visceral Cosmopolitanism in 1930s Bombay Action Films
Professor Bijoy H. Boruah The Ethics of Citizen Agency
Dr. M G Vassanji From Physics to History & the Novel
Professor B.N. Patnaik Socio-Political Dimensions of Football Writing
Professor B.N. Patnaik Lakshmi Purana as a Protest Text
Dr. N. K. Bhattacharjee Translation as an Inter-Cultural Dialogue
Professor Lakshmi Bandlamudi Dialogics of Self, the Mahabharata and Culture
Professor Mrinal Miri Philosophy, Education and the Arts
Professor Ram Bapat Some Aspects of V.R.Shinde's Thought
Professor Jayant V. Narlikar Is Modern Cosmology a Scientific Theory?
Professor Sharad Deshpande Philosophy in Colonial India
Professor M.A. Kalam i) Subcontinental Ethnicity, Nationalism, and Citizenship in Overseas Contexts
(ii) Contemporary Religious Conversions in Tamil Nadu: Meenakshipurm and Beyond
Sh. Abhijit Roy Television, Citizenship and Publicness: Re-reading Doordarshan's History
Professor G.S. Pandey Algebra in Antiquity
Professor Noor Ahmad Baba (i) Contextualizing the Kashmir Politics
(ii) Kashmir Special Status: Myth and Reality
Professor Bharat Wariavwalla State Nation and Cultural Nation
Professor Manorama Biswal Mohapatra Poet and Folklorist on Folk Traditions in Ramayana Mahakabya
Professor Rachel Dwyer Happy ever after: Hindi films and the 'happy ending'
Professor J.N. Patnaik The Aesthetics of Poetic Form
Professor Sasheej Hegde From Pluralism to Diversity: Modulating Conceptions of Politics and Agency
Professor Uma Chakarvati (i) Gendering ‘Transitons’ in History: Some Conceptual Issues
(ii) Textual Translations: A Gendered Reading of the Mahabharata
Professor Errol D' Souza Community Failures
Professor Ranabir Samaddar The Impossible Exit
Dr. Ramachandra Guha Democracy and Violence
Professor S.R. Mehta Ethnicity, Ethnic Conflicts and Terrorism
Professor Archana Barua Revisiting "Heidegger's Comportment Toward East-West Dialogue"



Professor S. Lokanathan

(i) Classical Mechanics as a ‘Model Science’
(ii) The Rise of Modern Physics and New Challenges

Professor Rudolf C. Heredia

Unravelling the Secular: A Project for Liberation

Professor Jalal Ul Haq

Post-modernity and the Politics of Mysticism

Professor Sasheej Hegde

Epics, Ethics and Matilal

Shri Prasanna

The Notion of Space and Indian Theatre Design

Professor Bhim S. Dahiya

(i) Literature and Theory: A Study in Relationship
(ii) New Direction in Higher Education: A Review

Dr. Ananya Vajpeyi

Righteous Republic: The Search for an Indian Political Tradition

Dr. Sukrita Paul Kumar

Translation as Cultural Dialogue: Challenges in India

Professor Bijoy H. Bourah

 (i) Virtue Ethics as Virtue Metaphysic
(ii) Literature, Human Possibilities and the Limits of Languages

 Professor Shahid Amin

 Cooking for a Turkic Brother: Or, What the Balladeers still sing in UP about History Muslims and the Gangetic Popular



Rajesh Gill

Locating the Individual in Technology Induced Culture

S. Imtiaz Hasnain  

(i) (Speech) Community and Language Rights (ii) Social Meaning and Language Use: Critical Discourse Perspective

Vasant Shinde

Recent Researches in Harappan Studies

Arun Kamal

Aaj ki Hindi: Samaj Aur Kavita

C.K. Raju

(i) Transmission of the Calculus from India to Europe before Newton and Leibniz (ii) Equity and Ethics in the History of Science



M.K. Teja

Children in Conflict with Law

Sherry Sabbarwal

(i) Ageing Discourse: Some Missing Dimensions (ii) Risk Society: Reflections on its Conceptualization

M.P. Kharel

Land Reforms: An Analysis of British Policy in Sikkim (1889-1947)


Malashri Lal

"The Heart Divided": Pakistani Women Writers in English

Margaret Chatterjee

Gandhi and the Challenge of Religious Diversity

Margaret Chatterjee

Gandhi and Some Russian Thinkers

Margaret Chatterjee

India and the Risorgimento, with special Reference to Gandhi and Mazzini

Ashivini Agrawal

Vishnupadagiri of the Mehrauli Pillar Inscription

Himadri Banerjee

Sikhs & Sikhism in Eastern India: Reconstruction of Assamese-Sikh History

R.C. Pradhan

In Defence of Meta-Physics

Adi H. Doctor

Economic Liberalization: An Analysis of its Benefits and Pitfalls that need to be guarded against

S. Shyamkishore Singh

Some Observations on Kant's Aesthetic Theory

Shubhada A. Joshi

Bhakti Movement in Maharashtra

M.C. Joshi

Iconography of Buddha in the Context of Early Buddhist Art

D. Nesy

Existentialism and Indian Systems of Thought

Vinod Kumar Singh

Bihar Ka Sant Sahitya

Kriti Kapila

Cultural Politics of Constitutional Re-Classification

B.N. Goswamy

In Search of an Artist: Tracking the Painter Nainsukh and his Work

Sudhir Jacob George

 North-East India in Perspective

Yogendra Singh

Social Sciences, State and Social Transformation in Indian Society

R. Nagaswamy

Cambodian Art and Architecture

Sushil Kumar

Illusion History and Politics in Contemporary India

Daniel Raveh

Encounter Between Sankara's Upadesa - Sahasri and Jiddu Krishnamurti

Gopal Krishan

From Competition to Cooperation among Indian States: A Fresh Paradigm

Ajit Bhattacharjea

Secularism in a Time of Religious Conflict: The Legacy of Sheikh Abdullah

Vidhu Mohan

Application of Psychology for the Well-being of the Society

S.S. Kumar

Early Plant Life through Ages

Rajendra Misra

Suwarndeeuip Mein Bhartiya Sanskrit, Sahitya Aviam Kala Ka Prabhav

Najaf Haider

Money and Banking in Medieval India

Anuradha Roy

Riding the Wave of Youth Power: Bengal during the 1920s


Daniel Drache

New Perspective on World Trade

Arjun Sen Gupta

Poverty as Violation of Human Rights

Manjeet Bhatia

Women as the 'Other', with special reference to J.P. Satre

Lucinda Joy Peach

Women as Icons: Religion and Law

Amar Chandel

Media and Political Processes

Goutam Biswas

Phenomenology of Art

S.L. Goel

Challenges of Health Care Systems in 21st Century

Raghvendra Pratap Singh

On Postmodernity and Kant

Indu Banga

Colonialism and Urban Structures With Special Reference to the Punjab

Sundar Sarukkai

Science and Indian Philosophy

Kazuaki Kurita

Movement of People and Goods Between the Borders of Tanzania and Malawi

C.V. Ramachandra Rao

Amuktamalyada (Goda Devi), the Heroine of the Amuktamalyada and Visnucitta, The Periyalvar (i) and The Poetic Grandeur of the Amuktamalyada (ii)

Yogendra Singh

Discourse on Post Modernity

Malashri Lal

Multilocality: International Themes in Women's Short Stories


Kiran Chadha

Future of Iron ore Exports from India

Maria Carrilho,

The Working of the European Parliament

G.K. Sharma

Alternative Medicine

R.K. Verma

The Beginning of Settlement in the Ganga Valley

Meera Srivastava

Poetry: A Civilizational Crisis

Chhanda Chakraborti

Metaphysics of Consciousness and David Chalmers' Property Dualism

Sudhkar Panda

Orissa: In the Perspective of India's Economic Reforms

Meera Panigrahi

Humanism and Literature: Humanistic Standards in Literary Criticism

A.K. Singh

Chalcolithic Cultures of Middle Ganga Valley with Special Reference to Recent Excavations at Agiabir

S. Raman

Some Common Medicinal Plants of India

K.K. A. Venkatachari

Concept of Saranagati

Bhim S. Dahiya

Accessibility, Excellence, and Indian Higher Education System

Marshal Arjan Singh

Air Force Issues

Karuna Goswamy

Woven into the Frabric of Life: The Painter's Goddess and Other Related Issues (A Illustrated Slide Lecture)

B.N. Goswamy

An Understanding of Times: Some Approaches in Indian Painting

S.L. Goel

Good Governance-Responsive Administration

Vijay Kapur

Cultural Nationalism Versus Political Secularism-Redefining in the Twenty First Century

L.D. Chaturvedi

Zoological References in Ancient Sanskrit Literature

Balvant Jani

Gujrat Ke Dharmantrit Praja (Converted Communities) Ka Sahitya

S.G. Kulkarni

The Texture of Scientific Theories


Cognition and Cognitive Process in Retrospect

M.A. Alwar

Relevance of Indian Philosophical Concepts to Modern Science with Special Reference to Artificial Intelligence

K.N. Rao

The Super-science of Astrology in Tradition and History and its Modern use

S.K. Aggarwal

Media and Ethics

T. Cajee

Shamanism and Witchcraft in Khasi Culture

Shrivatsa Goswami

History, Politics and Religion: A Dialogical Perspective

B.K. Patnaik

Determinants of Quality Research Performance (A Study among Indian Academic Scientists)

M.M. Mahajan

Andaman & Nicobar Islands- Emergence of Miniature India

Anjoo Sharan Upadhyaya

Rethinking Ethnicity and Secession in 21st Century

Priyankar Upadhyaya

Analysing & Managing Conflicts: Emerging Perspectives

Kiran Soni Gupta

Gender Issues

Madhukar Gupta

Disaster Management in India

Satya Bhushan Verma

Indo-Japan Cultural Relations in Historical Perspective


Journey from Self to Supreme Self through Molecules

Sandeep Shastri

Providing Public Goods: Role of Central, State and Local Governments

Tilottoma Misra

Representation and Self-Representation of the Tribal in Asomiya Fiction

 Udayon Misra

Civil Society in Conflict Situations: The Role of Traditional Institutions

Ranjana Harish

The Sceptre and the Veil: Autobiographies of Indian Maharanis


K. Srinivasa Rao

Complexity in Sciences

A.N. Tripathi

Value Education

Z. Bari Azmi

Sufism, Salifi Reform and Islamic Activism in Modern Egypt and India

Janak Pandey

Understanding Social Influence Processes

Rajesh Kochchar

Astronomy in Indian Festivals

Vijay Kapur

The Dynamics of Aggressive Islamic Fundamenta-lism in Central and South Asia Challenges for India and Russia

Mohan Gupta

The Date of Mahabharata War

Chandrakala Padia

Mapping the Terrain of Feminism and Mapping the Terrain of Feminist

J.N. Patnaik

The Presmises of Cultural Studies

Dinesh Kumar

Information Warfare

S.S. Metha

Indian's Security Converns

Purushottam Singh

Protohistoric Remains in the Middle Ganga Plain - Recent Discoveries

I. P. Massey

Ideological Construct of Human Rights Discourse

S.N. Sinha

W.H. Moreland's Contribution to Economic History of Medieval India

Vinod Sena

(i) Audio Books:Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (ii) The Genie of the Mouse: Harnessing Computers for the Print-disabled


Charles Willemen

Buddhism: New Perspectives. The Concept of Hell in Sarvastivada

Balraj Madhok

The Kashmir Problem

Krishna Nath

The Mahayana Buddhist Tradition and Contemporary Changes in the Himalayas

Rajesh Kochhar

Spread of Science and Technology: A Historical and Civilizational Perspective

D.A. Shankar

Shoonya Sampadane: A Bakhinian Introduction

Mahesh Bijawat

Medical Negligence

V.S. Gupta

Some Aspects of Human Rights

Hari Om

Kashmir Problem

P.C. Jerath


Jagdish Singh Bhadur

Hydrological Importance of Himalayan Snow, Ice & Glacier

P.K. Lahiri

Scenario for Mineral Development in India in the Context of Economic Reforms

Ratna Lahiri

Ramayana Versions in the Philippines

Ajit Singh

Time factor in Modern Art


Suresh C. Ghosh

Reflections on the Growth of Higher Education in India Since Independence

Manas Ray

Nation Nostalgia and Media: In the tracks of a Twice-Displaced Community

Monima Chadha

Perceptual Cognition: A Nyay –Kantian Perspective

H.K. Kaul

Talk-Cum-Demonstration  on      Access to Delnet: A Brief Resume of its Activities

Manas Mukul Das

The Anonymous Mind: A different way of Knowing

Lalit Kumar Barua

Oral Tradition and Filklore Heritage of the North-East

Navjyoti Singh

Formal Theories of Justice and Indian Theoretical Traditions


A.P. Gupta

India's Economic Health

Ramachandra Guha

(i)  Can an Englishman become an Indian: The case of Verrier Elwin(ii) The Culture Politics of Sport in British India (iii) The Prehistory of Indian Environ Mentalism, 1860-1950

N.N Wig

Mind and Medicine

Sunder Sarukkai

Retreiving Philosophy from Science

Gen. Y.M. Bammi

Nuclear Strategy for India After Pokhran

Nasir Tyabji

International Competitiveness Through Contestation-The Indian Shop-Floor at the Turn of the Century

O.P. Ranchan


P.H. Trivedi

Availability of the Tribal World

Pratibha Trivedi

Availability of the Tribal World

John Vattanky

Nyaya System of Philosophy: A Significant Aspect of Indian Culture

Majid Siddiqi

Petitioning in British India

V.N. Datta

Partition of India

Banga Bhushan Bhakta

What Gandhi said and we did: A leaf from History


Atul Sharma

Emerging Issues in Fiscal Federalism in India

R. Rajaraman

The Role of Symetry in the Science Verses the Art

Ajit Bhattacharjea

Prelude to Partition

Sushil Chaudhury

The Imperatives of the Empire: British Conquest of Bengal, 1757

Barun De

Central Asian and Afghan Politics and Economy from the Indian Point of View: With special Reference to Uzbekistan

K.S. Dhillon

Sandhu's Final Statement- The Perils of Expediency

Satish Saberwal

Framework of Purpose


N.S.S. Raman

Interpretation and Translation

Lawrence Cohen

On Political Pornography

Ananta K. Giri

Well -Being of Institutions: Problematic Justice and the Challenge of Transformation

K.S. Dhillon

Servility and Oppression (Twin Legacies of the Police in India)

Akeel Bilgrani

Liberation and Moral Psychology of Identity

Carol Rovance

From a Rational Point of View: The Bonds of Agency

Nirmalangshu Mukherjee

Language and Music: Philosophical and Linguistic Reflections

Chaturvedi Badrinath

(i)The Mahabharata: The Enquiry into the Human Condition (ii) Mahabharata Aur Manaveeya Sambandh

D.D. Pant

(i) Reality and Physics (ii) Ecology and Culture

Jai Sen

Narmada Movements

Chris Sinha (GS)

Signifying Subjects: Vygotsky, Piaget and Linguistics Cognitive

Nasir Tyabji

Technology, History and the Dialectic

G. Arunima

Writing Culture? Indulekha, Padmavati and the Nayar-Self

Dilip Menon

"Engaging Modernity" Reading Saraswati Vijayam (1893)


N.Y. Reddy

Educational Programmes for Physically Handicapped Children

C.V. Gole

National Security

R.R. Mehrotra

How to be Polite in Indian English

Praful Bidwai

Indian's Nuclear Option

T.N. Pandey

Native Americans in American Society

Sabyasachi Bhattacharya

Mahatma Gandhi and Tagore

Ashok Prasad

Schopenhauer: A Psychoanalytic Perspective

Rudolf Brandner

The Situation of Philosophy Today

John C.B. Webster

Understandings of the Modern Dalit Movement


Jyotirmaya Sharma

Kierkegaard's Philosophy: Some Preliminary Observations

S.P. Shukla

Gatt, World Trade Organization and India

K.S. Subramanian

Rural Violence and Public Policy

Nirmal Chandra

Crisis of the Indian State

Ajit K. Bhattacharjea

Mounded Kashmir: The Roots Accesse and After

Kum Kum Yadav

The Problematic of the Image of the Tribal in Gopinath Mohanty's Paraja and Mohasveta Devi's Aranyer Adhikar

Vrinda Dalmia

Caring to know: Exploring a Care-based Epistemology

Thomas L. Berger

Opening Titles Miscreate: Literary Theory and the Tilting of Shakespeare's Plays

Samarendra Saraf

Tantric Tradition: Inside out

Baren Ray

Gandhi's Campaign Against Untouchability

Gerhard Behrenberg

Dimensions of Regionalism

G.D. Gulati

Folklore and History Writing - A Case Study of Mawat

Laxman S. Thakur

The Splendors of Buddhist Art: Recent Archaeological Explorations along Western Himalayan Trade Routes

Nirbhai Singh

Philosophical Interpretation of Sikhism in Contemporary Contextuality

Aijaz Ahmed

Subaltermism  and Indigenism: Forked Togue of Anti-Secularism

Issac Sequeira

Literature and Music


P.K. Iyengar

(i) Advances in Science and their Effect on Social Life (ii) Indian Perspectives  of Atomic Energy for the Future and

Sisir Bhattacharya

In search of the other Self in India: the Central Issue is Hegemonic Politicio-Social Culture


Health Effect of Bhopal Gas Disaster

S.L. Sharma

(i) Cultural Dimensions of Nation-Building: A Conceptual Frame (ii) Ethnic Identities and Nation Building in India and (iii) Rethinking Cultural Pluralism in the Indian Context

B.N Goswamy

Essence and Appearance: Portraiture in India

Mira Sinha Bhattacharya

South Africa: the Making of Gandhi

Ramashray Roy

Gandhi's Idea of Swaraj

Malashri Lal

Indian Women Writers: The Tradition in English

A.N. Kaul

Nationality and the Novel: Russia, America, India

H.K. Ranganath

Katha-Kirtan: A National Performing Art

Bernard Crick

Laski's Socialism and India

S.K. Malhotra

The General Theory of Man and Society

V.N. Datta

Maulana Azad


Michael Krausz

Rightness and Reason: Interpretation in Cultural Practices

Hans Georg Wick

United Germany and the Emerging Europe

Aijaz Ahmad

Ways of Parting: Nation and Community in Urdu Literature

Kumkum Sangari

Consent, Agency and Rhetoric’s of Incitement: A Discussion of the Ramayana and Sadhvi Rithambara

H. K. Ranganath

Perspectives in Using Traditional /Folk Performances in Development Communication

Stephen F. Dachi

The Global Economy

B.N. Goswamy

Cultural Networks: Pilgrims and their Records

Asqhar Ali Engineer

Social Reforms and Indian Mulims

Bharat Wariawalla

New World Order: How Oppressive

Sucha Singh Gill

Social-Economic Development in Punjab

Narayani Gupta

A Conservation Policy for India

G.S. Gill

Feminism: The need for Correct Perspective

K.S. Singh

The People of India: The Findings of a National Projects

Bhisham Sahni

The writer and his commitment

Waryam S. Sandhu

The writer and his commitment

Nirajan Tasneem

The writer and his commitment

S.S. Noor

The writer and his commitment

Gobind Thaukral

Recent Development in the Punjab

Mira Sinha Bhattacharjee

China Toady: Coping with Post-Soviet World

B.N. Goswamy

Jain-Islamic Encounter in Arts: Evidence on an Illustrated Jainesque Shah name

M.S. Sodha

Science Journalism: Main Concerns

Harjot Oberoi

Those who do not learn from History are Condemned to repeat it

B.N. Goswamy

Another Place, Another Vision: Painting from Kutch in 18th and 19th Centuries

V. Venkatachalam

Cultural Echoes of Sanskrit Words  A New Perspective

John C.B. Webser

Issues in the Study of the Modern Dalit Movement


Rolf Torstendahl

Bureaucratisation in North West Europe 1880-1985

Biyut K. Tripathy

Polyphonous Music and Narrative Strategies: A Study through Women in Love

Edward C. Moulton

A.O. Hume and the Dramatic Beginnings of Theosophy in India

Yogendra Yadav

Political Theory of Indian Socialism

Jaya Mehta

IMF and Indian Economy

V.N. Narayanan

Problems of Covering Militancy in Punjab, Kashmir, Assam etc. in view of Threats from both Sided

Govind Kelkar

Violence against Women

Satish Saberwal

Ethnicity and Social Order: South Asia Today

C. H. Hanumantha Rao

Rural Labour: An Overview of Problem and Prospects

Tejwant S. Gill

Nehru and the Punjab

Sumit Sarkar

Ideological Roots of Contemporary Hinduttva


Edward J. Jay

Some Observations on levels of Socio-Cultural Integration in Indian Society

J.D. Sethi

Approach to 8th Five Year Plan

Malashri Lal

Some Trends in American Feminist Criticisms

Suzette A. Henke

Post-modern American Fiction

Surinder Mehta

Life Expectance and the Position of Women in India

Ajit  Bhattacharjea

On the Recommendations of Mandal Commission

Ajit Bhattacharjea

Kashmir and the Future of Indian Union

Indu Banga

The Arya Ideology

G.S. Rahi

The Partition Literature


Gopal Krishna

  Gandhi and Communal Problem

Mohammad Ali Siddiqui

The Cultural Scene in Pakistan

Alicia Reyes

The Mexican Scene

Veena Majumdar

Women Studies in India

Ludmila Zuk-Lapin-ska

The Problem of Violence

Bipan Chandra

Jawaharlal Nehru and Communalism

Rekha Jhanji

Gesture and Identity: A Study of Theatrical

B.K. Jain

Vocational Education, Growth and Equality


Amrik Singh

Centre-State Relations

Veronique M. Foti


Harold G.Coward

Theory of Deconstruction : Comparison with Bhartrihari and Nagarjuna

B.R. Nanda

Gandhi and National Integration


Bijoy H. Boruah

Fictional Emotion and Belief-A Critique of Eve Schaper

Geoffrey Caston

The University of the South Pacific: Higher Education in eleven Developing Countries

Per Kverne

Tibetan Monasticism Today- A Case Study from Himachal Pradesh

M.S. Kapitza

The New Thinking - Its Implications

G.S. Katovsky

India after Forty Years of Independence- A Soviet Viewpoint

Jim Stone

Parfit and the Buddha - Why There are no People?

Barbara Liberda

Economic Reforms in Poland in the 1980s

Hugh Van Skyhawk

The Heart of Religion : A Sufi's Thoughts on the Relations between Religious Communities

Saroja Soundrajan

Caste Politics in South India in Early Twentieth Century

Som P. Sharma

The Place of Kundalini in Savitri's Sadhava : A Psycho-Dynamic Interpretation

Nirupam Chatterjee

(i) Preparation of Scholarly Manuscript; (ii) Endnotes and Bibliography: Special features of Scholarly Writings: and (iii) Press-copy preparation, Proofreading and Author-Editor Relationship


V.K. Bharadwaja

A Theory of Tarka Sentences

A.Das Gupta

The Decline of Mughal Surat

T.R. Sharma

The Castes of Guptas

Glenn O. Carey

Earnest Hemingway-The Pattern of his Life and Fiction

J.A. Carpentier and Come Carpentier

Chinese Philosophy in Comparison with Hindu and Buddhist Philosophies


Freedom and Responsibility

Kalyan K. Chatterjee

Tagore and the English Connection: Studies in the Indian Renaissance

B.N. Mehrish

The New International Economic Order and the Third World

Anima Bose

Gandhi's Satyagraha for Human Rights at Vykom, 1924


S. Ambirajan

The Evolution of Inam Tenures of South India

Robert Varickayil

Max Weber and Capitalism

N.C. Saxena

Indian Muslims-A Crisis in Identity

Ravinder Kumar

Reflections on the Character of the National Movement in India

Javed Alam

Rural Social Order and the Dynamics of Political Integration in India


Markets, Merchants and the European Trading Companies : A Structural Analysis of Indian Trade in the 17th and 18th Centuries


Authorship of the Laghu Sabdaratnam

R.C. Honeybone

Some Aspects of Research in Universities in England

Robin Brooks

Corporate Liberalism-The Interpenetration of Business and State

B.K. Acharya

Some Reminscences of My Life in Diplomatic Service

J.L. Nain

Comparative Study of Anti-Trust Legislation

Ralph Russel

The Urdu Ghazal



Radical Sociology

Sisir Kumar Ghose

Sri Aurobindo-A Poet

T.L. Shaumian

Tibet and the Great Game, 1900-1914

D.A. Low

Congress and the Raj : the Climax of the Conflict

D. Dalton

Gandhi's Styles of Leadership

W. Hauser

Agrarian Conflict and Peasant Movement in Bihar

Irfan Habib

Technology in Indian History

T.K. Mahadevan

Are We Running out of Time?

G.M.C. Sprung

Do the Two Ns (Nagarjuna & Nietzsche) Meet?

Atma Ram

A Happy Marriage in Jane Austen's World

V.S. Huzurbazar

What is a Mathematical Proff ?

C. Badrinath

The Idea of the Other in Jean Paul Sartre : An Essay on the Impossibility of Love

C.R. Mitra

Science, Technology and Society

Jean Esther Floud

Education as an Equalizing Industrial Societies

M.L. Dantwala

Agricultural strategy for Development


Maori in Transition


Sujata Miri

Pain And Suffering

Sisir Kumar Ghose

Mystics And Society

Amar Kumar Singh

Industrialization, Modernization and Economic Development in India

R.C. Sinha

The Religious Ethics- Hinduism and Christianity

P.N. Rastogi

(i) Cybernetics and the Study of Societies ; The Course of Indian Society (1951-75) (ii) Cybernetics and the Study of Societies : Nature and Dynamics of Societies as Systems

A.M. Khusro

Indian Economy

Harold Taylor

(i) Student Revolt- Education and Social Change (ii) Cybernetics and the Study of Societies : Nature and Dynamics of Societies as Systems

R.S. Gai

Amendments in the Indian Constitution

Munkandi Lal

Evolution of the Garhwal School of Painting

Ashish Bose

Population And Politics

R.R. Chunninghame

Asian Studies in New Zealand

L.P. Pande

Development of Botany and Horticulture in Ancient India

M.L. Dantwala

Indian Economy and Food Problem

Ranbir Sharma

The Changing Pattern of leadership in Hill Society of India

M.L. Upadhyaya

Monopoly, Competition , and the Law

M. Ayoob

Pakistan's New Political Stucture-Change and Continuity


Jan Marek

Regional Movements in Pakistan

Hede Dayal

My Days as a Political Prisoner In Nazi Germany

S. Swarup

Nehru's Model for India's Foreign Policy

G. Mouser

Indo-US Relations

Marlene Fisher

Modern Indian Fiction

A.L. Basham

Indian thought and the West

S.P. Ranchan


Ravinder Kumar

Reflections on the Urban History of Modern India

L.A. Gordon

Notes for a Political Biography of Subhas And Sarat Chandra Bose

J.F. Richards

Decline of the Mughal Empire- A Regional Perspective

E. A Thagraj and R.P. Limaye

On the Mechanics Involved in the Planning and Conduct of A Military Campaign with Restricted Resources

Joachim Matthes

State of Sociology in Contemporary Germany

R. Rikhie

The 1971 War

Hugh Gray

The Present Political Situation in Andhra Pradesh

M.S. Muthana

Modern technical Education : Its Challenges and Problems

Rashmi Desai

Indian Family and Business in Uganda

Amar Maheswari

Feyenman's Path Integral : Defination without Limiting Procedure and Technique

Hugh Tinker

C.F. Andrews and Simla

S.R. Gupta

India's Image Abroad


Ian Watson

Sruti and philosophy

S. Naqvi

Caste System and Economic Development

Hugh Gray

Some Comparisons Between Indian And British Elections

L.P. Singh


R.S. Khare

Homo Hierarcus Culinarius : A Study of Indian Culinary Behaviour

Amrik Singh

Twenty-five years of Indian Education : An Assessment

Pratap Chandra

This Worldly Tradition in ancient Indian Thought

Narendra Singh

State of Science and Technology in India

S. A. Ali

Considerations of Standards of Living and Low and High Wage Policy

M.A. Momen


D.F. Powell

American Presidential Election-1972

S. Naqvi

Economic and Social Background of Reform Movements in Pre-British Western India


Edward Jay

On the Classification of Questions

M. Chakravarti

Two Education Systems in Germany

G. Wartenberg

Mu- An Interpretation from Comparative Religionist Point of View

Minoru Kasai

Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons ; Why and Why not?

R. Petkovic

Yugoslavia- Internal politics and External Affairs

S.S. Dhawan

Governor and the Constitution of India


Gurkuls and Modern Schooling


David Mclellan

The Vicissitudes of Marx


Diwan Birendra Nath

Contemporary Life and Society in West Pakistan


N.B Marathe

Semantics-An Indian Approach