Accommodating Diversity: Ideas and Institutional Practices

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Accommodating Diversity

About this Book

How does society deal with the cultural differences that exist within it? Should the distinctiveness of each culture be recognized? Should minority cultures, and the differences they embody, be protected? Accommodating Diversity reflects on the Indian experience of democracy and multiculturalism. The volume delineates the policies and institutional arrangements that were specifically designed to accommodate religious, linguistic, and cultural diversities prevalent in Indian society. It also sheds light on the problems that the chosen path yielded.

Through a comparative analysis, it sensitizes us to the complexity of the majority – minority relationship, and simultaneously draws attention to articulations of minority consciousness. These considerations on the practices of multiculturalism and accommodation of minorities make a significant contribution to the existing theories of the subject.

The in-depth and incisive analyses of the institutions and practices adopted by the Indian state will interest students and scholars of Indian politics and sociology as well as policymakers, public intellectuals, journalists, and the informed reader.