The Challenges of Post- Modernism

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xiv+241 pp
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About this Book

The Essays collected in this volume are concerning the different challenges posed by post modernism in the areas of philosophy, art, literature, culture language and history. Post modernism has questioned the foundations of modernism and the Enlightenment project as such thereby subjecting to criticism the concepts of Reason, Truth, Man, History, Self, World and so on, which are central to the modernist thought. Thus with the advent of post modernism, the absolutist nations of Self, Trough and Reason have fallen into disrepute and the Meta Narratives regarding Culture, Society and History have been replaced by the narratives of the fragmented cultures, societies and histories of mankind. The post modernist nation of literature has undergone similar transformation leaving room for playfulness and irony in all sorts of literary and cultural activities. The transformation in politics, history and social sciences in general from the unitary viewpoint to that of the disunity and disarray has an unmistakable impact on all areas of human activity. 

This volume will enlighten the general readers as well as the researches about the board contours of the philosophical framework of post modernism as an intellectual movement of the twentieth century.