Emotions in Indian Thought-Systems

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xi, 289 pp.
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About this Book

[This] book draws attention to the range of Indian traditions - from philosophy to aesthetics to tantra - that value it profoundly and look upon emotions as offering pragmatic processes for moral, aesthetic and spiritual development. 

Kathleen Higgins, University of Texas

The book presents an excellent array of scholarly essays on emotions in Indian culture to be read by South Asian specialists and students. 

Stuart Sovatsky, California Institute of Integral Studies

This volume presents a stimulating account of a wide range o approaches towards conceptualizing emotions in clasical Indian philosophical-religious traditions, such as those of the Upanisads, Vaisnava Tantrism, Bhakti movement, Jainism, Buddhism, Yoga Saivism, and aesthetics. It demonstrates how emotions are understood differently in Western and Indian cultures while analyzing their different aspects and exploring their role in the construction of identity and self-discovery.

The book will be immensely useful to scholars and researches of philosophy religion, Indology, arts and aesthetics, as well as psychology and cultural studies.