Interrogating Post-Colonialism: Theory, Text and Context

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In recent years, perhaps no term of academic discourse has risen to ascendancy so quickly and comprehensively as 'post-colonialism'. It has become established as an area of literary study as well as a set of reading practices both in the First World and in the Third World, supplanting and problematically extending the range of such older terms as Commonwealth Literature and New Literature in English.

In this book, the nomenclature, nature, ideology, scope and applicability of 'post (-) colonialism' are interrogated in their many aspects and from a wide variety of approaches by twenty scholars from India, Australia, Canada and England. The first ten essays address several theoretical and general issues relating to post-colonialism while the following ten essays examine post-colonialism with specific reference to Indian texts and contexts. Among the issues discussed are dominance, resistance, 'writing back', nation, history, migrancy, diaspora, language, location, gender and nativism.

These essays were first presented at an international conference organized in 1994 by the Indian Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies with, and at, the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla