The Mughal and Sikh Rulers and the Vaishnavas of Pindori

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The Mughal and Sikh Rulers

About this Book

Covering the period of over 150 years from 1695 to 1859, this rich collection of 52 Persian documents is published with facsimiles, transcription, translation and full annotation of each document. Together, these diverse documents provide information on matters: political, social, economic and cultural, with a bearing of political history, polity, administrative practices, local functionaries, legal practices at the court of the Qazi in relation to property, role of Panchayats, madad-i mash and dharmarth grants, recipients of jagirs and state patronage, and institutional continuity and change from the Mughal to the Sikh rule in the Punjab region. With their bearing also on social relations, literacy and sectarian attitudes, these documents have been found relevant for scholarly studies in different disciplines.