New Understanding of Indian Society Encounters with Sociology

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New Understanding of Indian Society Encounters with Sociology

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Development is a slippery concept as it involves the configuration of economic, political, social, cultural, psychological and environmental factors in its conceptualization. Historical circumstances, built-in social structural and cultural impediments and inequalities of varied nature have been identified as confronting the development of Indian Society.

The Indian Society has been observed to be subjected to different pulls and pressures of paradigm shifts during the last six decades of its developmental journey. Its recent encounters with the globalization have further set in tremendous changes in our politico-economics and socio-cultural life. No doubt it is on the move but its pace is slow, its direction is not the desired one and the changes recorded in it are uneven.

The present study is an attempt to analyse the changes and understand the new parameters that may affect our way of life. These changes need the right direction lest we get trapped in the same crises as were witnessed by the developed world. The way ahead, perhaps lies in having moral along with material aspects, for the development of our society.