Recontextualizing Disciplines : Three Lectures on Method

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About this Book

The three lectures here represent fragments of work that implicate the logic of disciplines and the frameworks of academic knowledge. In focus is a movement through frames engaged in the persistent critique of what one must inhabit, namely, disciplinary discourses/agendas and trans disciplinary compulsions/urgencies. The attempt goes with a strong sense of possibility internal to disciplines, while also taking on board the challenge of translating rival cognitive/ideological universes into the terms of either.

The discussion across the space of Recontextualizing Disciplines ought to serve as an index of how much remains to be said about recasting the contemporary order of disciplines and the order of disciplinary history, as indeed of our attitudes towards academic practice and scientific reflexivity per se.

Concerned essentially with methodological protocols, the work will interest sociologists, philosophers and historians with a proclivity towards questions of the critique of knowledge and conceptual innovation across disciplines and methods.