Understanding Itihasa

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xi + 183 pp
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About this Book

Understanding Itihasa is an in-depth exploration of the traditional Indian outlook on past. It examines how early India looked at human past, how it considered and evaluated the value and significance of past and how it endeavoured to preserve the memory of the past it regarded as preservation worthy. The work may be called an elaboration and clarification of Indian Philosophy of History.

Understanding Itihasa in fact stoutly and cogently contests the stereotypical view that early India lacked a sense of history. With patience, care and sympathy the monograph studies and analyzes a host of terms and concepts that developed in early India relating to human past, the methods of its preservation and the concerned expertise in those fields. The material studied spans from the Rgvedic period to the Early Medieval and includes literary, epigraphical and numismatic. The monograph gently and firmly asserts that the currently dominant view of history may not be the only valid way of looking at past